Jamaican Chicken

Elvitigala Mawatha, Borella

A random hole-in-the-wall shop selling full and half portions of grilled chicken. Alas, definitely NOT Jamaican Chicken.

Jamaican Chicken is a little (literally) hole-in-the-wall shop that sells grilled chicken and a few burgers, for Rs. 200 - 800. A whole grilled chicken is Rs. 790.

What the Scene is

While this spot does have space to let you eat in, whether you'd want to is a completely different matter.

There's the grill with a few chickens impaled on it, and the fire is off until you go and order some, and then the meat is left to slowly rotate in that oven for a bit more.

You can either ask for a whole or a half portion, half being Rs. 400 and a full being Rs. 790. Since we were already there, we ordered a half portion of the chicken and then a chicken burger (Rs. 200) for take away.


Given that the chicken was slowly roasting in both the midday heat and over a slow fire for a while, it was quite moist and tender, rubbed down with pepper, salt, and a bit of chili. There was definitely no Jamaican Jerk involved, and the meat didn't pack any heat, just well seasoned.

The burger was bland and something you'd get if you unenthusiastically heated a frozen chicken patty and placed it between two burger buns with a salad leaf and some ketchup in between. Like something you'd get off a random podi-bakery, basically.


If you want to get some whole, ready-made grilled chicken to suddenly host a bunch of friends and family, you can stop by here and pick it up. We can't really vouch for the cleanliness, but the nice uncle sitting alone there wore gloves while packing it up for us. But only on one hand.


Elvitigala Mawatha, Borella


It's almost directly opposite the British School.


Closed right now

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