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Java Lounge (Nugegoda)

High Level Rd, Nugegoda

The Nugegoda branch of the popular local cafe - the Java Lounge.

Java Lounge has been a popular name in the local cafe scene for many years now. Their food has its moments, but what really draws the customers here is the soothing atmosphere they've created. It's perfect for anyone who'd want to get some office work done, have a casual business chat, and even for a coffee date, or a hangout with loved ones.
Their Nugegoda branch lies in front of the Anula Vidyalaya now. It's tinier in comparison to the other branches, but still manages to provide that convenient environment. Plus, the food here is a little better than what we usually come across, which is always a good thing.

Food & Drinks

Unlike the other Java Lounge branches, they don't seem to prepare the dishes freshly here. We spotted a glass showcase full of sandwiches, wraps, pastries and other savoury goodies, along with the cakes and sweets. 
Featured above is the Ham & Cheese Croissant (Rs. 480). The croissant itself was perfectly puffed up, flaked off very nicely, but felt a tad dry, as opposed to being buttery.

Nonetheless, it's not a shabby deal for the said price. 

Half a baguette, generously stuffed with robust chunks of chicken and kochchi, this Kochchi Chicken Sandwich with Cheese (Rs. 650) is a good one if you prefer something on the savoury side. It oozes out with a peppery hit too, which doubles its spicy kick. The bread could improve, as it tended to crumble a bit.

The Blueberry Cheesecake (Rs. 490) was a pleasant surprise. Creamy and sweet, but with a teeny tiny hint of cream cheese, it tasted quite fresh and delicious. Comes in really handy to balance out the heat of that Kochchi Chicken Sandwich.

*Pictured above: Hot Chocolate (left), Java Chip Coffee Frap

We got two drinks - a Hot Chocolate (Rs. 580) and a Java Chip Coffee Frap (Rs. 750)

  • The Hot Chocolate was good. The milk could have been creamier, and a little more chocolate in the mix would do no harm.
  • The Java Chip Coffee Frap is my go-to drink at Java Lounge. It's refreshing, has a creamy yet light texture enriched with plenty of chocolate chips, and the coffee kick is spot on. 

Ambience & Service

Wedged between the Wickramarachchi Opticians and Janet Salon, this tiny Java Lounge can fit about ten customers at a time. Their Wi-Fi isn't bad, and you can plug in and get the work done without any issue.

The service was great as always. Welcoming, friendly and absolutely helpful. 


We liked this Java Lounge experience a little better than our previous ones. The food is one level up than the usual, and as always, we dig the work-friendly, chilled out vibe. 

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