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Jolly's Ice Cream (Dehiwala)

147, Galle Road, Arpico Super Center, Dehiwala

Jolly's Ice Cream has opened their latest outlet in the suburbs of Dehiwala.

Jolly's Ice Cream serves up some really nice ice cream with a super authentic Sri Lankan touch. Originated in Nittambuwa, they’ve opened their second branch in Colombo in the suburbs of Dehiwala, near Arpico Super Center.  

The Ice Cream

Priced at Rs. 180 a scoop, Jolly’s Ice Cream offers a wide range of flavours. You can either get them on a waffle cone or in a plastic cup. We tried five flavours: Swiss Chocolate, Blueberry, Kiri Kopi, Bubblegum and Cinnamon.

*Pictured above: Swiss Chocolate, Blueberry and Kiri Kopi
  • The Blueberry ice cream was spot on. It had a rich, lush, and an extremely buttery texture, with a strong blueberry flavour. The sweet and sour elements were well balanced, and in fact it was tad sourer than the one we had at their Battaramulla branch. So it's even better now. 
  • The Swiss Chocolate had a very decadent chocolatiness and wasn’t crazy-sweet. It gave a rich, creamy feel on the tongue, and we liked it. Topped with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips, this is a treat to cherish.
  • Ah, the Kiri Kopi ice cream! We absolutely loved it! The classic taste of the typical Sri Lankan kiri kopi was all over it, which is simply brilliant. It’s definitely one of the most Sri Lankan ice creams we’ve come across.

*Pictured above: Bubblegum and Cinnamon
  • Do you remember those two rupee bubblegums that we used to gorge on when we were kids? If you liked them, you’d love Jolly’s Bubblegum ice cream because that's exactly what it tasted like. This bright blue coloured ice cream with colourful sprinkles on top made us feel all nostalgic.
  • The Cinnamon ice cream was somewhat sweet, but we didn’t mind as it had a strong cinnamon flavour coming through it. 

We also tried the Raspberry flavour (Rs. 200), a limited edition ice cream that Jolly’s has introduced specially for this Christmas season. It took us by surprise because we never expected it to have such a legit flavour. The bits of raspberry embedded in the pink coloured creamy, milky texture were a nice touch. While enhancing the flavour, it added a bit of tartness and gave a fruity kick.

According to the manager, they infuse the ice cream with natural raspberries. This deliciousness hasn’t taken permanent residence on the Jolly’s menu yet, but they hope it will if the demand increases.

Ambience and Service

The guy manning the counter was super fast and very friendly. He'd let you try the different flavours before you place the order, which is very thoughtful. As for the environment, there’s a seating area at the entrance of the Arpico Super Center. Plus, there’s the takeaway option too.


Same as our last visit to the Battaramulla branch, we had a really nice experience here at Dehiwala Jolly’s outlet. We highly recommend their ice cream, especially because of their unique set of Ceylon influenced flavours they offer at a fair price tag.


Pretty much every flavour they serve is great. So try them all!

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147, Galle Road, Arpico Super Center, Dehiwala


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The cinnamon ice cream is pretty amazing. Also very affordable.

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The cinnamon ice cream is pretty amazing. Also very affordable.

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