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Kaha Bath Gedara

No. 28, Diyawanna Gardens, Pelawatte

Best yellow rice and curry you will ever have!

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Eminda Ishan

This place is run by a BUNCH OF JOKERS.

I had ordered 9 packs of KAHABATH along with my office colleagues. I placed my order on the previous day BOTH by calling them and also by sending an SMS as they requested me to. They replied that the order was CONFIRMED as well.

I wanted my order to be delivered at 12.30 PM. On the day of delivery, since it had not arrived by 12.30 PM, I called them. The response I got was "THERE IS NO SUCH ORDER PLACED". They promised to call me back after I refused to believe this (I even re-checked if I had sent the SMS to the correct number). A few minutes later, a lady called to say "I am the one who takes the orders usually, but this order must have been taken by our madam, but I'll deliver it somehow before 1.00 PM". I decided there must have been a slip-up in their order books and got back to my work (despite being quite hungry).

1.00 PM ticked by and there was no update. So I called again. This time the response was "We only finished bundling now" while they repeatedly kept saying there was no such order from my number.

Their excuses did not end there though. During the call they said, "WE HAVE NO THREE WHEELERS NOW. There's heavy traffic as well and all the three wheeler drivers will complain that it's difficult for them to deliver the lunch and get back to their stand at this time". This was followed by "YOU CAN CANCEL THE ORDER IF IT'S TAKING TOO LONG". At this point I was in no mood for this NONSENSE as the delivery was already close to ONE HOUR OVERDUE. I wondered if this is how KAHABATH runs their business, despite marketing themselves as one of the BEST PLACES TO GET A SRI LANKAN LUNCH from.

At 1.45 PM, they finally informed me that the delivery had been dispatched by three wheeler.

We eventually received the food at 2.55 PM, by which time we had lost all interest in having lunch. But wait, there's more! When the food arrived, the three wheeler driver asked me for Rs. 600/- (THE DELIVERY CHARGE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT 200/-)!! The food was by then 2.5 HOURS LATE and the people at KAHABATH didn't even have an OUNCE OF COMMON SENSE to make sure I faced no further hassle!

THIS WOULD HAVE ALL BEEN A BIT OKAY IF THE FOOD WAS AT LEAST PALATABLE. It seemed the food had been prepared in a hurry without being PROPERLY COOKED (mind you, one of my colleagues is an expectant mother).

I felt this meal was not even worth Rs.150/-. They also tried to BRIBE us by sending three (yes, just three despite all this hassle) spoiled (yes, you read that right) biscuit puddings which tasted even worse than the Kahabath.

What do they deliver, food or SICK JOKES?? What's the point of delivering lunch at tea time? A simple apology would have been nice rather than a bribe of three measly biscuit puddings.

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No. 28, Diyawanna Gardens, Pelawatte



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Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Rice And Curry

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