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Kaha Bath Gedara

No. 28, Diyawanna Gardens, Pelawatte

Best yellow rice and curry you will ever have!



Chandima Pathirana

They charge a high price for low-quality cheap foods. I order 03 yellow rice with desserts through Uber eats today. Not worth it at all. Also, they charged me Rs:200.00 for a 01 watalappan cup and send me 60g plastic cups worth Rs;60.00 each. (I ordered 03 for Rs; 600.00). If I get hungry again I'll drink some water, but never order from this place.
The worst thing is I wanted to give a treat to my parents but they wasted my day.
Beware of good reviews appears here. I'm not sure whether they are from genuine customers or not. I think those reviews are from their inside people.

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