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KAMU is a well-kept, streetside buth kadey in Maharagama, that dishes out a range of good rice and curries for an affordable price tag.

Lamindu has been bugging us to check out this buth kadey in Maharagama for quite a while now. So as a part of YAMU TV's ever so popular "Badagini" series, we dropped in at KAMU, a restaurant managed by Heritage. 

Rice & Curry

Like any other buth kadey that we've covered throughout this Badagini series, KAMU by Heritage also serves up a range of good rice and curries. Neatly presented in massive clay pots, their rice is mainly three types - white, red and biriyani, while the curry spread is limited to ten. You can pick five of them, and that includes a protein of your choice. 

The Cuttlefish Rice & Curry (Rs. 180) was a generous serving of well cooked white rice, accompanied with devilled soya, gotukola mallum, amberella curry, manioc kirata and cuttlefish curry. Aside from the manioc, curry which was kinda undercooked, the rest of the stuff was on point in terms of flavor. We especially liked the cuttlefish curry, which was fiery red in color, chewy in texture and boasted a rich curry flavor. 

With nice tangy notes seeping through, the amberella curry was top-notch, while the devilled soya curry was devilishly hot, with karapincha working its magic. The gotukola mallum however, needed a bit of lime in it. 

Served with red rice, gotukola mallum,  tempered long beans, dhal, polos and chicken curries, our Chicken Rice & Curry clocked in at Rs. 200. This time around, chicken curry was the winner. You get a sizeable piece of well-seasoned chicken, with meat easily sliding off the bone, with a thick, and flavorful gravy. We could've finished off this whole buth plate with that gravy alone. 

The only downer was the polos curry. It was undercooked to the point where we could almost taste its kahata taste. 

The Biriyani would squeeze your wallet dry for a hefty price tag of Rs. 450, and sadly, it's not worth it. It comes with an egg, a piece of fried chicken, a minchi sambol and some chili paste. Don't get me wrong, it's a massive portion that two people can easily fill up on. But, the rice itself was quite sticky, and the significant fragrance or the curry flavors of biriyani were nowhere to be found. They've used an abundance of turmeric powder in it, that we could taste in every spoonful. 

Service & Ambience

This place is relatively new, but the staff seems to be doing a good job maintaining it. Efficient and helpful, we didn't encounter any problem regarding their service. 

Sadly, we don't have any pictures of the ambience, but you can find it on our Badagini video embedded here. Veering off from the usual katu mati walls, thatched canopies, this place is decorated with beautiful wall arts that slightly resemble the arts of Kandyan era.


It's a good spot if you find yourself hungry in Maharagama. Their offerings are limited, but they're affordable and delicious. We recommend. 


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