Kantina Konditori

477, R A de Mel mawatha, Colombo 04

A tiny cafe with an interesting back story.

Note: This review was done at their previous location: 50, Ananda Coomaraswami Mawatha, Colombo 03. 

Adjoining FMLK in Kollupitiya lies a tiny nook of a cafe called Kantina Konditori. They're quite new to the cafe scene in Colombo, but has a very interesting history that runs back all the way to the 1930s.

We dropped in for a First Look.


Kantina has a breakfast menu which wasn't available on the day we visited, so we decided to go with a few snacks - Triple Chocolate Cookie (Rs. 300), Cranberry Oat Cookie (Rs. 300), Salted Caramel Brownie with Pecan Nuts (Rs. 350), and a Passion fruit Cheesecake (Rs. 450).

*Pictured above - Cranberry Oat Cookie (left) and Triple Chocolate Cookie (right)

Featuring a few nuts, the Triple Chocolate Cookie was soft, chunky with a slight crunch and had just the right amount of sweetness to balance out the chocolate flavour. 

Sharing the same texture, the Cranberry Oat Cookie had bits of cranberry embedded to it. It wasn't very sweet either, but with the fruity tang lent by the cranberry bits evened things out. 

Drizzled with salted caramel sauce, the Chocolate Brownie had a bit of a dense texture from the outside while the inside is deliciously soft. It was chocolaty as promised with a swirl of sweetness added by the salted caramel, while the pecan nuts contributed to a playful crunch.

Kantina's take on Passion fruit Cheesecake had a good balance of flavours. The biscuit base was buttery and slightly sweet, the cake itself was creamy, fluffy and tart, while the generous layer of passion fruit coulis on top was sweet, sour and fruity. 

Pictured above - Ginger Nut Bliss Bite (left) and Matcha Pistachio (right)

Kantina does a bunch of energy balls, of which we opted for the Ginger Nut Bliss Bite (Rs. 100) and Matcha Pistachio Bliss Bite (Rs. 100). 

Both of the energy balls were soft and delicate to the bite. With a layer of almonds covering the ball, the Ginger Nut had subtle ginger kicks emerging through. 

Slightly coconutty and rich with pistachio, the Matcha Pistachio Bliss Bite managed to deliver the promised flavours too. 


As for drinks, we got a Flat White (Rs. 450) and an Iced Chocolate (Rs. 400).

The Iced Chocolate had a good chocolate flavour, but a bit more of that would do no harm. Nonetheless, it was refreshing and filling.

Kantina's coffee is made with Whight & Co. beans, and this cup of Flat White was done well. It was strong, not burnt, and the texture of the milk was nicely fluffy.

Ambience & Service

It's a cute spot with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. While the outside seating space is ample, the indoor area is quite small yet beautifully cosy. 

The staff was friendly and helpful. If you're curious about how these goodies are being made or simply up for a chat, they'll keep you entertained. 


From what we've seen so far, Kantina is off to a good start. Most of their stuff lean on the healthy side, with less sugar and all, and accompanied by some decent coffee, we enjoyed our First Look. Plus, it's not too heavy on the wallet too. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re


477, R A de Mel mawatha, Colombo 04


The ground floor of the Colombo Innovation Tower.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Brownies Cookies Coffee Healthy