141 Galle Road, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka

A great spot for authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Rich with nutrients, and boasting an irresistible aroma, while working its flavour magic, karapincha is something of a godsend in Sri Lankan culinary fare. Having realised this, Karapincha is a resto that puts a handful of this leafy goodness in everything they whip up. They're a part of Concord Grand, a well-known budget hotel in Dehiwala. 

Food & Drinks

If you haven't guessed already, Karapincha's speciality is Sri Lankan cuisine. Their menu covers a vast range of curries - both veg and meats (chicken, mutton and seafood) with a super authentic Lankan touch. 

Our lunch was comprised of a portion of Thempradu Kaha Buth (Rs. 220), and three curries - Isso Kaluwata Thel Daalaa (Rs. 825), Elu Mas Mirisata (Rs. 869), and Kadju Maaluwa (Rs. 429).

A hearty portion of fluffy rice brightened up with turmeric, and a sprinkle of caramelised onions and karapincha scattered about, our kaha buth was delicious as it can get. It wasn't too oily, and we enjoyed catching a whiff of margarine in it. 
Soaked in a gravy popping with spices, the isso curry had around 20 small deshelled prawns that are deliciously chewy and cooked adequately. Featuring quite a bit of karapincha and rampe, the leafy notes added to the mix certainly made everything better - in terms of both flavour and aroma. Would have been ideal if we had some dara poranu paan to pair its gravy with. 
Chunks of boneless mutton dunked in a gravy packing a strong spicy punch, the elu mas curry was brilliant too. The meat was soft, slightly chewy, had absorbed all the spicy goodness of the gravy, and did a good job enhancing its flavour rather than interfering with its meaty taste. 

This is one of the best kaju curries we've had. There were a lot of cashews, and for the price paid, it's totally worth it. The gravy was milky, slightly creamy while being the perfect element that eases up the sharp spicy flavours of the other curries to create a good flavour balance in the meal. 

*Pictured above - Watermelon Juice (left), Ginger Cooler (right)

As for drinks, Karapincha has a bunch of juices, mocktails, shakes and even tea. We got the Watermelon Juice (Rs. 209) and the Ginger Cooler (Rs. 275). 

We loved their Watermelon Juice during our previous visit, but this time around, it fell short of impressing us. On the bright side, the juice was thick in texture, and we could taste the presence of watermelon in it - but, the dominating flavour that comes from the added sugar did not allow us to enjoy it. 

Reminiscing a ginger beer mojito, the Ginger Cooler is basically a ginger beer soda with some mint leaves thrown in. 

Ambience & Service

In terms of ambience, nothing really has changed. It's the same set of wooden tables and chairs embedded with comfy cushions we saw a couple of years ago. You can catch a glimpse of the Galle Road while you're here, which is not the most pleasing thing to see, but having a ton of natural lights seeping through the massive glass windows is always a win. Around 30 - 40 people can dine-in here at a time, which is probably why it gets booked for private functions all the time. 

The waitstaff is trained well. They're quick on their feet, and helpful. Our food and drinks arrived within around 20 minutes.


If you're around Dehiwala area and looking for a super Sri Lankan food spread, Karapincha is a solid option. Their portions are easily sharable between two, which makes it wallet-friendly as well. 


Get the cashew curry. You won't be disappointed.


141 Galle Road, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka


Adjoining Concord Grand Hotel.



Open until 11:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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