Keshiya Bakes

No. 54, Watarappola Road, Mt. Lavinia

A homebaker who makes one of our favourite choco chip cookies in town.

Keshiya's baked goodies are quite yum. They do regular cakes (which we haven't tried), and also meringues, choco chip cookies, and an assortment of cupcakes. One thing they've got which others haven't as yet are stained-glass cookies, which are hella pretty when you hold it up against the sunlight.

Service is pretty quick and friendly, and you can place your orders just a day or two ahead of when you need them.


The cookie monster would be happy with the large, chewy, choco-chip cookies Keshiya provides. Shru happily rated it better than Bricklane Cookies, and I'd be hard pressed to disagree because this is a solid deal. At 100 per piece, it's great value for money as well.

A more interesting (but sadly less yummy) biscuit they have are the stained glass cookies, which are perfect for kiddie parties (or even themed grown-up parties tbh). It was slightly eggy in flavour, and the red 'glass' bits are a candied sugary substance. We weren't huge fans of the taste, but loved how it looked. Price wise it was quite reasonable, as you get 5 pieces for Rs. 125.


Cuppies here are a bit dense, instead of light and fluffy; but is strong where the chocolatey flavour is concerned. An interesting twist is the brownie cup cake (200 apiece), which is a stodgy little thing, very thick, and very brownie-like. It's basically a brownie dressed as a cupcake, but not as gooey or heavy as a brownie would ideally be. We enjoyed it.

Meringue Cookies

We don't know why they're called cookies when they're basically meringues, but these are really good. They're light and fluffy, with quite a gooey centre; but the best part is that it isn't overpoweringly sweet. You can eat a couple of them without feeling nausea, so it's great. Also it's so neatly done that it's perfect for events and parties.


Keshiya's Bakes does a decent job with their products, and it's nice to see more homebakers around. It comes neatly packed, so it's good to take as a gift to someone. The people behind the venture are friendly, and more importantly, they deliver on time. You can place your order through their FB page, or call them up.



Get the stained glass cookies for Alice in Wonderland themed parties!


No. 54, Watarappola Road, Mt. Lavinia


Watarappola Road is just before the ICBT Mount Campus, and is onto your left.


Open until 09:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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Brownies Cookies Cakes Cupcakes


Home Baker

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