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28, Siriwardena Road, Dehiwala

Khalid's Computer Solutions as the name suggests, is a one stop solution for all your laptop and PC repair needs. We recently took our laptop to him for repairs, and all we can say is that the man is a magician.

Khalid's Computer Solutions as the name suggests, is a one stop solution for all your laptop and PC repair needs. We recently took our laptop to him for repairs, and all we can say is that the man is a magician.

The Repairs

So we got know about Khalid's a while back, when his popularity on Facebook began to pick up. Right now he has over 12,600 fans on Facebook and the reason for that is because he's so open and transparent about his work. This is because, he takes photos of each stage of the repair and posts it on Facebook with a small write-up. From what we've seen, the man can pretty much fix any laptop that hasn't been completely destroyed.

He does all sorts of repairs whether it be screen, fan and keyboard replacements, software repairs and even notebook GPU (VGA) replacements which is a very difficult task. But what he's most well known for is being the first person to introduce the "Chemical Wash". This is a process where he completely dismantles the laptop and individually cleans each element using a chemical agent and makes any necessary additions like thermal paste. The best part is he allows you to sit with him and observe the entire process, which is as far as we know is not something others allow.

As per his advice any laptop owner should have their machine serviced at least once every 6-8 months, and if you got through his Facebook posts you'd see why. With prior permission from the owner, Khalid will post the photos of the laptop before and after the service, and some of the photos you see will blow your mind. We have no idea how much dirt and gunk gets accumulated inside a laptop over time, and in a lot of cases that is the main reason for issues like overheating.

The Chemical Wash

Most people, including myself, are guilty of not servicing our laptop once we purchase it. What usually happens is about 1 year down the line we'll come across a very serious problem that'll cost us a pretty penny to repair or in a worst case scenario will require us to purchase a new laptop. This happens quite often because of dust build up hindering fan speeds and blocking air vents or drying of thermal paste. Khalid's chemical wash starts at Rs. 3,500 and depending on which thermal paste you choose can go up to around Rs. 5,500.

The process begins with Khalid first diagnosing the problem, which in my case took him an entire 2 minutes. After this he dismantles the laptop down to it's chassis. My laptop didn't have too much dust in the fan (since I cleaned the fan a few times), but there was salt build up around the heat vent, which is because I live not too far from the sea. Even something minute like salt can corrode the metal vents over time.

Removing the heat sink from the motherboard he showed me that my thermal paste had crusted, which was causing the laptop to run warmer than it should.

After this, Khalid takes the individual parts and proceeds with the chemical wash in a separate room. Unfortunately we couldn't see this part because the chemical can be harmful, so Khalid wears gloves and a gas mask. The change is almost immediately noticeable with even the smallest details on the motherboard being a lot more visible.

Next he reassembles the laptop applying new thermal paste and making any necessary replacements to damaged hardware, which in my case was my hard disk. After the laptop is back in one piece he applies a fragrance coat to remove any residual smell of the cleaning chemicals.

Finally, he updates all your software, drivers and checks for any viruses or malware. At the end of the day you'll be heading back with a laptop that runs as good as new and probably saving yourself a good amount of cash.


After checking Khalid's Facebook page and seeing how much works gets done, we assumed there were like 4 technicians at work. So we were pretty surprised when we found out that it's a one man show. The entire process we explained above took only around 1 1/2 hours. He works at his home in Dehiwala so if you need your laptop repaired in a hurry, the man will even work till late night. Speaking to him we could see that he truly loves what he does and unlike others, he'll try to salvage the laptop part rather than try and just replace it and make a quick sale. His philosophy is simple, in the rare case where he can't fix it, he won't charge for it.


When it comes to laptop and PC services we really can't think of a better place than Khalid's. He's efficient, honest and probably the most reliable and trustworthy person to handle a laptop.


He's only closed on Fridays, so even if you need to get a laptop repaired over weekend he's got your back.


28, Siriwardena Road, Dehiwala


Turn to Hill Street from Dehiwala Junction and go down past Karagampitiya Junction and the food city. From Hill Street turn to Siriwardena Road. Khalid's place is at end of the road. Look for house with a small sign outside.



Open 9:30 am - 7:00 pm (closed on Fridays)

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