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KIITO Bespoke (Independence Arcade) (CLOSED)

19 First Flood, Main Wing, Arcade Independence Square, Colombo 7

CLOSED. Seems to have imploded financially, leaving debts all over. Damith is an excellent mens tailor. This outlet has higher-end stuff (imported fabrics, like Zegna) and some ready to wear items.

Kiito is our favorite mens tailor. Their new Independence Arcade ups the quality (and the price) from their Rosmead Place outlet. It's a beautiful location and beautiful cloth.

Getting a made-to-measure suit in Colombo is actually easy (Hercules, Gaylord, and countless street tailors abound) but getting one in a comfortable environment with someone you can talk to is rare. That's what sets Kiito apart. Plus the suits are dope.

The Stuff

This is actually a picture of the owner Damith Cooray, but we place it here more so that you can see the suit. This is a classic wool suit, double-breasted and made to measure. What makes the suits at this new outlet different are that you have a choice of top-end imported fabrics - Ermenegildo Zegna (which we've heard of), Holland and Sherry, and Dormeuil. Those are for the classic suits. It also means that the suits are a bit more expensive, Rs. 30,000 up, as opposed to Rs. 18,000 at the other outlet. Pants/shirts are about Rs. 8,000 up.

They also apparently have a Rs. 3 million suit, with the vast majority of that going to some magical fabric. Cray. 

Besides the super-suit, we'd say the prices are actually good value for the quality you get.

They also have Selyn handloom fabrics, which we think is a pretty awesome take on a modern Sri Lankan suit. The handloom jackets start at Rs. 16,000.

Most of the stuff we saw was mens, but they seem to have women's suiting like above. Unless we're completely misreading the cut here (checked and they do have womens).

We must note, however, that the suits and items at this outlet are expensive. At the office on Rosmead Place you can get something to suit most budgets, but what's here is all high end. It's good value and a good suit can last a lifetime, but be aware.


What sets Kiito apart, as mentioned, is the quality of the work but also the service. For a lot of men buying a suit is a bit of a confusing process and doing it in a crowded fabric store is just stressful. This outlet is beautiful and chill and you can take your time. You can also meet or call Damith, in our experience he's always available and can answer any question and gently steer you towards something cool.

Damith himself has trained in the UK and his 20+ tailors are trained in Singapore.


The Independence Arcade is a beautiful but somewhat empty shopping complex. Kiito's is on the second floor of the main wing. Go up the stairs near Kaema Sutra (you may have to interrupt a bride taking photos there) and it's up there. 

We went on the opening day and it's a beautiful space, quite different from the Rosmead Place office where you sometimes try stuff on behind a curtain in the workshop.

We can't fault Independence Arcade as a location at all, but the general priciness of stuff there reduces the footfall. It's taking a while to get a crowd, besides in the food court. 


Kiito's makes great suits with great service. His Arcade Independence outlet offers higher quality fabrics and higher prices in a beautiful setting.


The handloom jackets are creative and nice.


19 First Flood, Main Wing, Arcade Independence Square, Colombo 7


The arcade can be accessed from the Independence Square side or Dharmapala Mawatha. KIITO is upstairs in the main building (the biggest one). Take the stairs near Kaema Sutra.


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