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Kimbùla Café

139 Jawatta Rd, Colombo 05

A cafe by Kimbula.

One shall be exiled from this island if one contempts the beautiful, glorious kimbula bunnis. With a name derived from its elongated shape, kimbula bunnis is loved by many - for its thick, chewy, sugar-splattered crust and the fluffy inside, which goes really well with a finely brewed cuppa. 
Taking a step forward, Kimbùla adds some fun, delicious twists to the usual kimbulas. Started off as a humble home baking business, now they have a cafe of their own that spreads the love for kimbula bunnis, and a bunch of other treats. 


Aside from the sweet kimbula bunnis, here they also serve kimbula-centric sandwiches and a few other health-conscious dishes. They do separate menus for brunch and dinner, and we got our hands on the former. 

In this Health Bowl (Rs. 1450), there was a bed of fluffy Japonica Rice, topped off with sliced up cucumber, carrot, tomato, red cabbage, spring onions, smoked salmon (or tofu), pickled red cabbage, wasabi and homemade mayo. Every element tasted quite fresh and overall, it had a good balance of flavours. Plus, look how colourful it is!
The Nashville Hot Sandwich (Rs. 950) is a kimbula-centric savoury sandwich. Beautifully golden fried chicken dipped in hot chilli oil, it has a spicy filling which also included pickled banana pepper, and a drizzle of chilli garlic aioli. We'd have liked a little more spiciness here, but still happy with its flavour, especially with the excellently prepared rye bread.

We also did not forget to check out a couple of their classics for dessert - Jam Kimbula (Rs. 400) and Plain Kimbula (Rs. 250).

With its super soft, airy inner-texture, the tough, chewy exterior, the strong buttery aroma, and just the right amount of sugar on top, these kimbulas tick all the right boxes. They're pricy, I know, but taste absolutely great nonetheless. 

The Jam Kimbula was generously stuffed with some deliciously sweet and sour jam, which we assume they make in house. 


In terms of drinks, Kimbùla Café does juices and coffee. 

For Rs. 550, the Orange Juice tasted a tad watered down. It was refreshing though. 

They brew with Temple Grounds coffee, and this Latte (Rs. 550 for Small) was all right. The coffee punch was strong and the milk was velvety.

Ambience & Service

Kimbùla Café is a cosy nook that lies down Jawatta Road. Quaint and well-kept, you can enjoy good food as well as get some work done without any interruption. We didn't experience any issues with the service either. They were quick on their feet, pleasant and helpful. 


It's the kimbula-hub in the city. Despite the hefty price tag, their kimbulas are amazing, and the exciting spins they put on them are certainly a highlight.

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