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Marine Drive, Colombo

Kitchen3576 is a food truck parked in Marine Drive that serves up some good street food.

Marine Drive is stuffed with food trucks that will help you stuff yourself with street food. The trucks usually hang out in front of the filling station near OZO, that's where we headed to drop by the Kitchen3576. They bring you the usual street food fare with subs, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, hot dog and should you need some beverages, mojito and a few soft drinks.


First off, we tried the Tandoori Chicken Wrap (Rs.420, with extra cheese Rs. 470). It was a sizable wrap that you can share between two people.

The wrap itself had a good firm feel to it that held the fillings well alongside a starchy texture. It was stuffed with tandoori chicken pieces, which were infused with just the right amount of spices and a bit of smoky flavour. We also got jalapenos adding a bit of heat, onions giving a fresh crunch and a bit of tomato mixed in, contributing to the tanginess. Things were kept in balanced in terms of flavour, with the tandoori chicken pieces and the flavourful, albeit sweet sauce. The only thing to watch out for is not to spill any of that delicious filling from the sides.

The Doube Tipper Beef Burger (Rs.490, with extra cheese Rs. 540) was a hefty one, especially for the price.

We got a typical burger bun that holds things in place without getting soggy and adds a slight amount of sweetness while being fluffy. There were two juicy, ground-beef patties that were cooked well, and had a bit chewiness to it. The melted cheese made things even more interesting by providing a creamy flavour, while the drizzle of tomato sauce spiced it up. Thankfully, the tomato pieces, lettuce and chopped onions underneath the patties didn’t overwhelm the meaty taste, which made for an excellent burger.

Devilled Chicken Submarine (Rs.420, with extra cheese Rs. 470) had more or less the same texture in the bun and did hold its innards without sogging-out.

The chicken didn't carry a whole lot of flavour even if it was cooked well. However, there were a decent amount of spices in the sauce which too ended up getting suffocated by its sweetness. While the sub was generously filled with the devilled chicken pieces there wasn't much else to it, except for the sauce and maybe a few tiny bits of onion. We would have liked it more, if they had gone easy on the sauce. Nevertheless, this can make a lighthearted and quick snack you can enjoy.

Ambience & Service

You’ve got your typical Marine Drive busyness on the side, and the naked railway tracks alongside the sea and the food truck is tucked in the middle of that. There wasn’t much of a place to sit and eat, but we didn’t mind it. 

Even if they opened up slightly delayed than promised, the staff in the truck was helpful and polite. The staff didn’t dawdle with the order either.


Kitchen3576 serve up some excellent street food to stuff yourself for a really good price while enjoying a cool breeze of the sea, or you can stick to take away. While they are not the best there is, they are a welcome option to the food truck roster in Colombo. 

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