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La Crème Ceylon

102, Rosmead Place, Colombo

A home-based dessert bar that does a very good meringue.

La Creme-Ceylon is a home baker that does a range of desserts from the heart of Colombo. 

You can place your order beforehand (check the grey box below the review for their number) and pick it up yourself from her home which is in Rosmead place. 

The Desserts

Going with 4 desserts to completely cover every aspect, we started with the Chocolate Creme (Rs. 450). Coming in jars the size of a rather large Thumbelina, the chocolate creme was a gooey, pudding-like structure that had a giant strawberry embedded on the top of it. 

*Pictured above: Vanilla Panna Cotta (left) and Chocolate Creme (right)

We actually really liked this one. Tasting like chocolate pudding, the creme wasn't all that chocolatey but it wasn't that sweet either, which we always appreciate. If you, like me, like the concept of chocolate pudding, it's a worthy opponent. 

The Strawberry and Vanilla Panna Cotta (Rs. 450) pretty much followed suit. Coming in as a fluffy, wet pudding that felt like yoghurt in many ways (without the tang of yoghurt) and a strawberry coulis that was more jam than anything else, it was all right.

It wasn't even as sweet as the Chocolate creme so if you're looking for a dessert that doesn't necessarily feel like dessert, we say go for it. However, the addition of a strawberry or two would be great, given how the jar is almost 500 Rupees. 

The Swiss Roll (Rs. 700) turned out to be a sight for sore eyes. Vanilla cake with cream oozing out of it and so soft that it almost felt like it would break apart at the touch, it really was. 

Unfortunately, this was our least favourite of the lot. The cake itself was quite sweet and the cream didn't necessarily help tone anything down either. And in addition to the already sweet combo, sugar had been added to give a slight crunch for when you bite into it.

While some people would argue that it adds a crunch, we felt that the added sugar made the roll far too sweet for us. In fact, the roll was so sweet, it drowned out the taste of the strawberry, which was unfortunate. 

The Strawberry Meringue (Rs. 300) was the best of the lot. The meringue, whilst having a slightly rubbery, hardshell melted in your mouth as soon as it goes in and the cream that had been added to it, really did help with toning everything down. The strawberries, in this case, rang out loud and clear and we couldn't be happier with it. 


Given how we couldn't order through UberEats, we had to deal with the owner directly. But, the process was super easy because even though we must have given her no more than 30 mins before we came to take the food, it was ready. 

Plus, they actually got through to us through text asking for ways they could improve. Which we do appreciate considering how not many people do that. Kudos to that! 


We say go for it. The delivery process (with or without UberEats) is as easy as anything and the food is pretty good as well. We recommend getting meringue as it was our favourite of the lot. But, go with what your heart tells you fam. 


102, Rosmead Place, Colombo


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