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La Pizzeria

314A Puttalam - Colombo Rd, Negombo

Here's your go-to place in Negombo if you are craving a slice or two of Italian thin-crust pizza.

After gaining attraction through Facebook, I added the place to my checklist during my stay at Negombo.

Here's the take on my mouth-watering experience (you have been warned) at La Pizzeria - a popular option for all that pizza cravings, if you ever find yourself in Negombo. 


Since it was pizza for lunch, my camera and mind weren't able to capture the night time ambience. However, the cafe has a chilled vibe and a peaceful atmosphere. Be it a solo dining, team outing, date night or just walking into check what's on the menu, this one has got you covered. Without a doubt, the night time dining experience is surely going to be a memorable one.

The Pizzas

Without taking too much time and hesitation (of course with support from the staff), I got myself a half-n-half pizza (for just Rs. 1,100) with Devilled Pork plus Cheese & Onion (guess the better half?).

I was informed that I was the second customer to order the pizza with Devilled Pork as it's new on the menu and my expectations were met. As a pork-a-holic myself, I really enjoyed it, and needless to say, it was the better half. A slice of thin crust pizza topped off with chunks of perfectly devilled pork, followed by a generously slathering of mozzarella and sauce - it lives up to the name. 

The Cheese & Onion was a unique combo for me, since I enjoy cheese and onions separately but never had them together, especially oven baked and combined with tomato purée.

How does one digest after enjoying almost 6 to 8 slices of pizza (plus a heavy breakfast) you may ask? The answer is black coffee (minus the sugar).

That's right, nothing beats a cup of local coffee (at Rs. 50) to make space for more. I also tried a chilled Mango Juice (at Rs. 300) which was thick, not too sour or sweet and completed my lunch experience in Negombo. 


The gentleman at the counter who greeted us with much enthusiasm also ensured that my lunch experience (especially selecting) was a smooth transition with much-needed assistance. This experience is definitely a memorable one. 


With the pizza options expanding in Colombo, La Pizzeria has a major role to play for pizza lovers in Negombo and or for anyone visiting family or if you have planned a vacation. They also deliver and visit their Facebook page for ongoing offers. 

NOTE - They also serve Pasta and Burgers. 


314A Puttalam - Colombo Rd, Negombo



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