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La Voile Blanche (RIP)

43/10 Beach Road, Mount Lavinia

CLOSED. La Voile Blanche is a chic all-white beachside restaurant in Mount Lavinia. The service is friendly and the food is pretty good, albeit a bit expensive.

La Voile Blanche is a stylish seaside eatery in Mount Lavinia. The food, however, is expensive and disappointing.

La Voile Blanche has a good location on the Mount Lavinia beach, interesting if somewhat Miami Vice decor and an ambitious menu. Sadly, the food doesn't really measure up, at least not anymore.

The Food

I first went to La Voile Blanche (literally the white sail) in 2009. At that time they served a simple grilled red snapper which was pretty good. This time around, however, the snapper (Rs. 1,100) was drowning in sauce, served with lumpy mashed potatoes and was generally not great. And this was one of the better things we ordered. So I guess I'll start at the beginning.

The eggplant. Bleh The eggplant. Bleh

We ordered the Eggplant Tomato Mozzarella (Rs. 550), Mango Prawns (Rs. 700),and Coconut Crumbed Prawns (Rs. 800) as starters (family meal). The Eggplant was tough and shoe leathery and basically not good at all. The prawns were cooked OK, but everything was swamped in a salad so weak it could only be called garnish. Rather than cooking a few things well and presented them everything was buried in largely inedible greens.

The red snapper. Somewhat disturbing. The red snapper. Somewhat disturbing.

For mains we had a forgettable baked crab (Rs. 1,200 [!]), the aforementioned red snapper, grilled garupa (Rs. 1,100), a steak and a chicken dish which we've completely forgotten the name of. The chicken was overcooked, served with a too tumericky couscous, and basically not good. The steak was OK but not excellent. By far the best meals there were the simplest, the grilled fish for example. Whenever they tried to do more it ended in a garnishy and unpleasant mess.

Plus the stuff is all really expensive. I would recommend the sambol oelek sauce. Beyond that, everything besides the grilled fish verged on inedible.

We went on a poya but we have heard that La Voile does good cocktails. We just can't say that we recommend the food.


La Voile has a great location, right on the Mount Lavinia Beach. There are rows of restaurants along the beach and it's a nice place to stroll, day or night.

The restaurant itself is very Miami Vice, all white and lights. It's an interesting take. We can't really fault the location.


Service also is fine. Reasonably competent, can explain stuff on the menu, no problem with special orders. All good.


La Voile has a good location, decent service and seems appealing enough. It's just that the food isn't very good. Over-complicated, over-garnished, and definitely over-priced.


Definitely try that tiramisu


43/10 Beach Road, Mount Lavinia


Head down Hotel Road into Mount. Turn right at the sign and head towards the beach. You'll hit De Saram Road, turn right. There's a sign for La Voile, you can park on the beach access road and walk through the hotel there.


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This is the grate fine dine restaurant in Mount Lavinia, there have pleasant foods and good staff. Every Friday and Saturday nights are always happening with good music ;)





This is the grate fine dine restaurant in Mount Lavinia, there have pleasant foods and good staff. Every Friday and Saturday nights are always happening with good music ;)

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