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Land Of Kings


A Game Of Thrones themed restaurant in Kaduwela!

Although season 8 of Game Of Thrones sort of marred the experience (ugh D&D), every time we do come across something GoT related our hearts can't help but skip a beat. Which is exactly why we were excited when we heard there was a new Game Of Thrones-themed restaurant and took the next taxi all the way to Kaduwela.

Service and Ambience

It seemed like they wanted to recreate everything GoT related, even the wait in between seasons. The food took one and a half hours to arrive (yikes!), while many of the other diners who seemed to have ordered just rice got their orders long before ours (which might have been a symbolism for the other shows we kept ourselves occupied with, preparing ourselves for that final season).

The ambience, looked more like an assortment of GoT portraits and collectables, lacking that finished feeling that you would look far, but you have to admit that they had done quite a good job with what they had, and no doubt it must have taken quite some time and effort to get it all sorted. 

From the decor, we loved the iron throne. As close to accurate as you could expect it to get, you can sit on it and take a couple of pictures if you fancy it or just brandish one of the available swords (and pretend to plunge it into the hearts of D&D). 

They also had a number of interesting portraits adorning the place. Even the washrooms had portraits. 

The male washroom had a portrait of Danearys, looking down, with an almost scornful look (whoops). What the women's room consisted of was the source of much speculation, and we went to the extent of wondering where Theon Greyjoy's excised appendage, but after carrying out an investigation we discovered that it had a portrait of Littlefinger (don't ask us why, we're as perplexed as you are) and a scene that we would all have died for; one where Daenerys is strangling Cersei while the battle is raging on in the background. 

The Food

We were sort of disappointed with the menu, not because of the food it consisted of, but the absence of creativity in the naming of the food. They just had what a usual local Chinese-like restaurant would consist of; fried rice, kottu, pasta and burgers. They've definitely missed out on a great marketing opportunity here. 

The Seafood Cheese Kottu (Rs. 720) of course, was the usual concoction of roti and milk passed off as cheese with bits of Happy Cow here and there. The roti was quite soft, but the seafood flavour was overpowered by the milky, cheesy flavour. There were a few chunks of fish in the fray, but not much, unfortunately. 

The Cream of Tomato Pasta with Prawns (Rs. 980) came in a dish shaped like a fish, and the portion was enough for two. This was basically pasta, cooked al dente, with a tomato sauce-ish flavour emanating from it and much more prawns than what the previous dish consisted of. There aren't many ways you can go wrong with a dish like this, and we liked it.

The Hot Butter Cuttlefish, for Rs. 800, was all right. The cuttlefish looked golden brown and was crisp to the taste, and it was a perfect rendition of this Sri Lankan Chinese dish. The onions and the malu miris were the perfect additions to the dish. 

The Fries were probably our most favourite dish of all. They were crispy, fleshy, and perfectly salted and gone in seconds. They also brought out the starters in the end, which was quite strange. 

Pictured above: (Left to Right) Avocado Juice, Lime Juice, and Pineapple Juice

The Avocado Juice had a slightly bitter after taste to it which was a sign of using unripened avocados, and it was also quite thick. The Lime Juice (Rs. 250) was a bit too sour to our taste, and a bit too sweet as well. The Pineapple juice, on the other hand, was quite good. Not too thick nor sweet, it perfectly encapsulated the pineapple flavour. 


The prices here are a bit steep, but if you're a GoT fan you'll like it nevertheless because it is probably one of the only places around that has so much GoT memorabilia. The food isn't all that relishing, so we'd advise you to stick to the Fried Rice, but all in all, it's quite a chill place to hang or catch up with An Old Friend. 

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