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Lau Pa Sat (One Galle Face)

Galle Face Center Rd, Colombo

  • Open until 10:00 PM

Some of the best Singaporean dishes in town!

Lau Pa Sat, on the 4th level of One Galle Face, is a restaurant that excels at serving Singaporean food, and their menu consists of an arsenal of exciting dishes. Personally, I was slightly cautious to try out food from a place I had trouble pronouncing (despite the fact that it was just three syllables), but let me tell you, I'm super glad we did!

Food & Drinks

After much thought being directed towards the choosing of our food from a very colourful menu (literally and figuratively), we decided on a solid two mains, a side dish, a mouthwatering dessert and two relishing drinks.

As Sri Lankans, we love our rice and curry and we were curious as to know what the Singaporean version would taste like. 

The Assam Fish Rice and Curry, priced at Rs. 800, consisted of perfectly fluffy rice and combined with the Fish rice and curry; it was mind-blowing. Individually tested, they tasted alright, but when brought together, it was the definition of perfect harmony. Generous chunks of fish swimming in the gravy along with brinjals and an assortment of other add-ons, salad and more protein courtesy of an omelette, this dish was a smashing success.

We were slightly reluctant to order the Mee Goreng (Rs. 800) because our previous confrontations (as individuals) were far from pleasant, but this dish succeeded in becoming one of the highlights of our meal, for all the good reasons. Plenty of chunky, crispy prawns hiding in between the masses of perfectly prepared noodles, it encompassed the sea-food flavour all too well. The extra spice that it consisted of was a match made in heaven for the Sri Lankan palate.

The Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (Rs. 1550), would make an amazing bite. Chunky, fresh prawns swathed in egg yolk and fried, then salted, would instantly strike as a favourite with anyone. 

Lau Pa Sat had a plethora of very tempting desserts, but after a hearty meal, we had just place for one. We went with the Goreng Pisang and Vanilla Ice-Cream (Rs. 500). This is basically fried bananas paired with ice-cream, and it might sound simple, but it was wonderful. The Goreng Pisang was the perfect finish to a great meal, and the nuts scattered all over the dessert and the hints of chocolate, made it so much better.

*Pictured above: Milo Dinosaur(left) and Strawberry Cooler (right)

The drinks collection too was quite exciting, but we stuck with the Milo Dinosaur and the Strawberry Cooler, both priced at Rs. 400 each. 

The strawberry Cooler was an excellent decision, looking as appealing as ever, perfectly flavourful and chilled. The Milo Dinosaur, with a handful of Milo powder adorning the surface, got really good as the powder mixed with the last dregs of the drink.

Service and Ambience

With the setting sun shedding its final rays upon the ocean, setting the waters on fire and the restaurant aglow, Lau Pa Sat has the orthodox setting that you can find at OGF, yet a few additional attractions and decorations give the place a very unique feel.

There are seats that can accommodate just a couple of people or a group if you decide to drop down with your "skwad". 

The staff too are quite friendly, and considering the fact that there were multiple words we came across in the menu that left us scratching our heads, they were only too happy to explain and help out.


Great quality of food, friendly staff and fast service paired with a pleasant ambience; plus, the dishes are comparatively cheap. We have no hesitation in claiming that we're definitely paying Lau Pa Sat a visit again.

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