Laugfs (Havelock Road)

252, Havelock Place, Colombo 5

The Laugfs down Havelock Road is also a petrol station, so you can fill up your tank and get groceries at the same time.

We've started doing quick and easy supermarket mini-reviews. They include information on parking, liquor, bakery, pharmacy options, timings, etc.

The Laugfs in Havelock Town is relatively small as they share their premises with a fuel station. However:

  • They have a small selection of fruits and vegetables. 
  • They have fresh fish, and chicken for sale. 
  • They have the normal selection of cheese (Anchor, Happy Cow, etc)
  • They have a small pharmacy. 
  • There are three check-out lines but only one or two operate most of the time. 
  • They barely have any parking, maybe about 3 or 4 spots if you squeeze in.

Hope this helps! Happy shopping! 


252, Havelock Place, Colombo 5


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Pharmacy Alcohol Meats

Open until 12:00 AM

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