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Lauries Lane Short-Eat Van

Lauries Lane, Colombo 4

  • Open 7am to 6pm Monday-Friday.

While the location of this short eat van isn't all that, it’s not a bad place to stop and have a quick munch in the sunshine. It's clean, the chap that runs it friendly, and the food stands out next to many of the short-eats I've sampled in town.

Stumbling around Bambalapitiya looking for snacks one lunch-time, I happened on another good short-eat spot, again without a name. This time instead of a shack (see 'The Takeaway' in Thimbirigasyaya), the guy sells them from a glass-sided van down a side lane off Duplication Road. Like 'The Takeaway' though, the food at this one is above par and stands out next to many of  the short-eats I've sampled in town. Compared to most of the pastry vans you find prattling about Colombo and the rest of the Island (playing that 'Greensleeves' song that works its way into the very depths of your consciousness), the van on Lauries Lane is static (during the day) and offers a bit more variety than most. The quality of the short-eats is a little higher too.

When I first visited they were selling a range of samosa, patties, roti, cutlets, toasties, buns, Chinese rolls, and some cakes and other sweets. In addition to short-eats they sell lunch-packets, tea, cold drinks, cigarettes, and a couple of other random kade items.I had a couple of chicken patties and a vegetable cutlet, both of which were tasty. My bill came to about Rs. 100/=.

While the location isn't all that (it's situated on a dirt lane, next to a car-park and a monstrous concrete high-rise, right by Duplication Road), it’s not a bad place to stop and have a quick munch in the sunshine. The little van is clean, the clientele steady, and the chap that runs it - friendly. All in all, I'd definitely recommend you stop in and grab a bite if you happen to be in this part of town.


Unless you like eating in a car-park (i'm a bit partial myself), you'll probably want your short-eats to go, though people do hang about to eat and chat by the van.


Lauries Lane, Colombo 4

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Open 7am to 6pm Monday-Friday.

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