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Life Food

31 Perahara Mawatha, Colombo 03

A cosy café that dishes out healthy and yummy food and drinks: kurakkan roast paan sandwiches, salads, granola, juices and the likes.




It's on the corner of Perehara Mawatha and Alvis place and is three incredibly small spaces on three floors. The decor is quaint, pretty and calming with an air of a casual western cafe. The ground floor is too noisy, hot and smelly due to cooking. The 2 upper floors have a relaxing view of the Beira lake. There is free Wifi and air conditioning.

The food is presented as healthy and it is fusion food. Grilled sandwiches on Kurakkan bread at around Rs 800/- is the staple and the most substantial item on the menu. There are also some grilled seafood and bowls of assorted veggies and stuff at around Rs. 1,500/- as mains. It's good for vegetarians but nothing very exciting about the food. There is no meat at all on the menu. Rice and pasta (even organic red rice and rice pasta) seem to have been labelled as unhealthy and kept off the menu. They don't serve alcohol and they don't allow you to bring in even a bottle of wine.

However, there are some very refreshing juice blends freshly blended, combining unexpected ingredients at around Rs. 400/- for a jam jar mug. they come with a very eco friendly paper straw. Unsealed bottles of water with labels that say "Kangen Water" with a ph value of 7 are served without a charge.

The Prices are absolutely honest. The price on the menu is what you actually pay. They don't pad up the bill with 30% small print taxes and service charges as some dishonest restaurants in Colombo do.

The desserts are bought from Bellissima in Attidiya and are limited to the five Biscuit puddings sold by them. They come in a very small single serve bottle at Rs 500/- each and some of the 5 flavours are out of stock. How this very indulgent dessert fits in with the so called Healthy menu of Life Food is a puzzle.

The staff appear to be over stretched and some are outright grumpy and the service is grudging and poor. Probably they are the cooks who are expected to multi task as waiters and cashiers as well. They ask you to come over to the counter to place your order without coming to your table. The juices and the food takes quite awhile to come and is cold when served. No cloth napkins and even the paper tissues are dispensed very stingily, only one or two at a time. Basically you are expected to use the much handled single tissue that has been wrapped around your set of cutlery.

They are open 11 am to 11pm. It's OK for a snack when killing some time in that area but its far too tightly packed for catching up with friends, discussions or family dining.

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31 Perahara Mawatha, Colombo 03


This is just at the turn-off to Alwis Place, opposite the Beira Lake.


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