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Lil' Orbits (Majestic City)

Galle Road, Colombo 04

  • Open 9.00AM to 8.00PM

Lil' Orbits is an awesome place to go to for your sugar cravings. The prices are alright and the chocolate sauce is gold.

We've reviewed Lil' Orbits' Pizza Cones and mini-doughnuts before, but they're also famed for their burgers with word on the street being that it's great value for money, and that it trumps the generic food-court food.

We've tried their burgers a couple of times before, and they haven't disappointed. So we tried another, along with a submarine and few drinks.

Food and Service

Their service is kinda slow, and the people behind the counter can tend to confuse you. Keep things simple, point and speak very clearly, and it'll help. What it won't help is when most of the stuff are unavailable, which is what happened here for half the stuff we wanted (mutton submarine, pizza cones, couple of mojitos).

The staff recommended the Chicken Patty Burger (Rs. 400) so we went for that, and for an Original Chicken Submarine (Rs. 380) for lack of choice.

The burger was pretty good, really good actually, and very filling. It's juicy, the chicken patty is encased in a fried egg, and there's lots of stuff going on inside (which looks like a gloopy mess so we won't bore you with pictures of that). What we love most about this bun is how soft it was, and how toasty it was on the inside. It had clearly been buttered and toasted up, and this is quite a nice touch as it made the whole thing a ball of warmth. The flavours came out strongly as well, with the taste of chicken being quite identifiable instead of some obscure mush.

Sadly, the Original Chicken Submarine was a disappointment, as the pieces of chicken were drowned in an intensely spicy pepper-and-onion sambol.

The bun was on point once again, being soft, fresh, and toasty, and when we pulled it apart and poked around the oily onions in an attempt to find the chicken (and when we did eventually find it buried under mounds of pepper and mountains of onions [ok, I exaggerate. SLIGHTLY], it tasted pretty darn good. They should use more chicken in this.

Look left, you'll see the Oreo Frosty (Rs. 380) which was the highlight of the visit. Intensely creamy and chilled quite well, this drink was refreshing. The oreo taste was authentic and came out well too, which can't be said for the Lil'Breeze (onto the right), which is supposed to be an orange mojito but was made out of cordial with a few slices of oranges and lime thrown in. 

We also tried out their Masala Chai which wasn't worth the 150 bucks spent on it, and their famed mini-doughnuts which were too doughy and yellow on the inside. It was weird. It's good a little bite I suppose, but you'd do better off getting actual doughnuts from Gonuts or something else. You have to admit it's a very attractive tea-time finger-food though, being barely two inches in diametre. This could finish in an instant if you're ravenous and not particular about what you ingest.


It's at the MC foodcourt, so that pretty much says a lot. It's noisy and run-down and a tad depressing a place, but it's you can make any amount of noise here so it's good if you're out with a gaggle of friends.

It gets pretty crowded around lunchtime, but if you go early enough on a weekday, you'd be able to find a table.


Go for the burgers here and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Their Oreo milkshake's pretty good too, but we didn't like the doughnuts or the fudge puppies (read about them in our last review). The burger has a lot more substance and flavour going on than what you'd find in any old fastfood place (I'm looking at you, McDonalds).


They also deliver through


Galle Road, Colombo 04


Majestic City is just before the Bambalapitiya junction, opposite Lauries Road. Enter it and go down to the basement, Lil Orbits is on the far left corner of the food court.


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Open 9.00AM to 8.00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Doughnuts Waffles Milkshakes



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