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Lion Pub

220 Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

The Lion Pub has the best entrance of any bar in Colombo and really cheap beer and good food in large portions




Went to Arthur's Pizza and had the chance to check the Lion's Pub outdoor dining area. Thought it would be the ideal place to throw a birthday party. Worst decision ever.
We went there 7th April 2017 around 8pm. And the disappointment began when they kept refusing to put two tables together so all 7 of us could sit together. After they kept on insisting how difficult it was, we went ahead and said we would do it for you if you could at least let us (since the place was hardly crowded) and only then they offered a hand.
So after that bad impression, we started ordering. The young waiter was of course friendly and attentive. The 'Long Island's were somewhat ok. But the mixed grill we ordered with it was like charcoal with oil. Perhaps the grill was out of order so they probably used an incinerator instead.
We wanted the mixed seafood noodles less spicy but it came just as spicy. Then we ordered another and it was the same. Then finally we asked them to bring it without making it spicy at all. The battered prawn was a silver lining fortunately.
One of us ordered a mutton koththu with cheese. However we found that it had no cheese at all. When we inquired they said they had forgotten and brought a dish of grated cheese separately. Seriously?
And another one of us ordered an extra beer and it was taking ages and seemed like it wasn't coming at all. Then we saw our waiter idling and found out he's actually forgotten it.
We went their with high hopes and I knew my friends didn't complain because they didn't want to me to feel embarrassed. I would still go to Arthur's but Lion's Pub, I won't even recommend to my worst enemy. It was nowhere near worthed the 15000LKR plus bill.

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220 Galle Road, Mount Lavinia


From Colombo, head down the Galle Road till you get to Mount Lavinia (passing No Limit, the cemetery). It's right at the Hotel Road turn off, opposite the Family Super Market.


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Chinese Pub Food Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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