Little Star

274, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Little Star is a not-so-little bakery in Mount Lavinia with a reputation for their Sri Lankan sweets

Little Star Bakery is one of the most popular eateries among the residents of Mount Lavinia, and anyone who’d like to grab a bite on the go. It’s been three years since our last visit to this place, and aside from a few changes in their interior, and new additions to the menu, it’s more or less the same.


From savory goodies to Sri Lankan and Western infused sweets, Little Star has a pretty huge selection. They also do rice and curry for lunch, and a range of good dessert items, including cakes. 

*Pictured above: Fish bun, Wandu Appa, and Veg roll
  • Breaking the unspoken rule, the fish bun (Rs. 60) was well stuffed with both mashed up potato and mackerel. The bun itself was fluffy with a tinge of sweetness.
  • The Veg Roll (Rs. 80) had a well-spiced blend of carrot, leeks, potato and a good amount of melted cheese, which is not something that we always come across.
  • With true Sri Lankan spirit, we ordered a Wandu Appa (Rs. 50), but it didn't live up to our expectations. It had a good flavor and the right amount of sweetness, but the texture was a bit spongier than we're used to. We presumed it was baked, not steamed.

*Pictured above: Cheese & Onion, Maldive fish bun
  • The Cheese & Onion (Rs.95) had a crispy pastry, drizzled with tomato sauce, but it didn't get any better than that. The inner layer of it was very doughy and tasteless. We couldn't locate the cheesy taste in this, let alone the onion flavor. 
  • Out of the lot, Maldive fish bun (Rs.105) was our favorite. It had a quite generous filling of maldive fish, caramelized onion and karapincha, tucked in between a soft, fluffy bun.

We also ordered their Chicken Lamprais (Rs. 350) which fell flat in terms of taste. It came with a hefty portion of rice, a cutlet, seeni sambol, chili paste, vambatu moju, a boiled egg, ash plantain and a massive piece of chicken, neatly packed in a banana leaf.

While the rice was just sticky rice, it didn't have a seasoning at all. The vambatu moju was flavorsome, but then again the ash plaintain was mushy and overcooked. There isn't anything special to say about the cutlet either. It was a veg cutlet, stuffed with mashed up potato and onion. 

On the bright side, the pretty chunky piece of chicken was cooked and spiced well, and the slight sweetness of the seeni sambol was a nice touch. 

The Mango Pudding (Rs. 110) had a creamy texture but fell short on natural mango flavor. It came off as an overpowering synthetic taste, through the light, milky flavor.


As for drinks, we got a Double Choco (Rs.60), which was made from a hot chocolate machine. It was quite alright in terms of taste, had a good consistency, balancing the chocolate and milk flavors in a proper manner. 

Service & Ambience

The service can get a bit crummy during the rush hours, but the staff here seems to be trying their best to serve the food as quickly as they can. 

As for ambience, this place is properly air-conditioned, comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate at least 50 customers at a time. They seemed to get a lot of bulk and takeaway orders. 


Little Star Bakery is immensely popular because of the wide selection of food they offer. If you're in a mood for an easy snack or a quick breakfast on the go, this is worth a shot. 


274, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia


Little Star is on Galle Rd, right next to the Cargills Food City in Mount Lavinia


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Open 6.30 AM - 7.30 PM


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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