Mad Curry Skills by Chari

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A home cook that dedicates herself to serving up lamprais and nasi lemak.

Mad Curry Skills by Chari - as the name suggests, it's a home-based venture done by a lady called Chari that's solely dedicated to serving up a few protein-ed takes on lamprais and nasi lemak. 

Placing Your Order

The ordering process with Mad Curry Skills is pretty straightforward. However, there are conditions. 

  • She makes them only during weekends. 
  •  Orders must be placed at least a couple of days earlier (we had to wait an extra week because they were fully booked on the first weekend we wanted to try them out).
  • The minimum order is 4 packs. 


In terms of delivery, we have nothing but praise for them. I managed to mess up my address somehow and they were kind enough to overlook it and deliver within 30 minutes of the time they promised without any form of complaint whatsoever. Smooth and utterly efficient. Kudos to that!


Owing to the fact that the minimum order is 4, we opted for Chicken Lamprais (rs. 500) and Prawn Nasi Lemak (Rs. 630) - two of each kind. 

This is the Prawn Nasi Lemak. This one was actually my personal favourite of the two. Sure, it does look kinda simple but it had a nice balance of flavour. 

You see, the prawn had been cooked in a heap of coconut milk. You know this because your first bite of the prawn will be a whiplash of coconut milk and a load of spices. That mixed with the spicy sauce on the side which tasted like liquified homemade katta sambol, it can get a little spicy. Which is where the roasted peanuts and sprats come into play to give that extra crunch and salty kick.

The cut-up gherkin managed to keep things fresh. All combined, you're looking at a mouthful of salty, tangy, creamy goodness with that additional crunch from the gherkin acting like the cherry on top. 

The Lamprais (Rs. 500) on the other hand was alright but had room for improvement. 

Served with chicken curry, batu moju, a concoction of things that seemed to be something along the lines of a chilli paste, a meat patty cut in half, alu kesel pahi (ash plantain curry) and a fried egg, it had a lot going on. 

The egg and the meat patty were fried to perfection, but the batu moju and the chicken curry could have used more flavour. The chicken curry, in particular, tasted predominantly like pepper and not much else whilst the batu moju lacked that wonderful sweetness that you look for to take your lamprais to the next level. Simply adding a bit more spice would have cut it. 

The ash plantain curry, however, was quite nice in terms of being creamy but there was a bit of oiliness in there too. Probably it's the oil that comes from the rice itself or they had added some extra oil to the curry, we're not sure.


The Nasi lemak was actually very nice and the lamprais needed just a few tweaks here and there, but given those few changes, Mad Curry Skills by Chari is definitely something that's worth checking out. 


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Delivery Only