Madras Masala Restaurant

No. 11, Dr. E.A. Corray Mawatha, Wellawatte

  • Open until 11:00 PM

Madras Masala Restaurant is specialised in Indian food.

Madras Masala Restaurant is a new addition to the stretch of Indian restaurants in Wellawatte. Serving up both veg and non-veg fare, they've got a good variety, and are quite easy on the wallet. We dropped in for a lunch on a Sunday, and here's how it went.


We started off with the Ghee Dosa (Rs. 275). This butterscotch coloured cone had a delicate crisp to bite, was lightly daubed with ghee, but we wouldn't have minded getting our hands a bit greasier than this. Meaning, more ghee would have have made it so much better. 
Next up, the Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 525). The seasoning of the rice was a tad milder than we are used to. Cooked adequately and fluffy in texture, the aroma of the basmati smelled great, but definitely could have used some more spices in it. Two giant and meaty chicken legs were hidden under this mountain of rice. Portion-wise, this plate of biriyani is easily enough to fill up two hungry bellies. 

Presenting a creamy gravy gently nudged with spices, the Mutton Kuruma (Rs. 700) was pretty solid. Chewy, and albeit hard to pull apart, there were around ten sizable cubes of mutton in it, soaking up all the goodness of the gravy. While more spices could have enrichened this gravy, we particularly enjoyed it, especially with the Veechu Paratha (Rs. 80) we ordered on the side. 


*Pictured above - Sweet Lassi (left), Lime Juice (right)

Their drink range includes juices, mocktails and milkshakes, and we opted for two - Sweet Lassi (Rs. 225) and Lime Juice (Rs. 175).

Let me start with our favourite one out of the two - the Lime Juice. Beautifully presented in a light bulb glass, it was absolutely citrusy, hella refreshing, had just the right amount of sugar. We just wish this light bulb was slightly bigger than this, so we could have had a few more sips. 

The Sweet Lassi, on the other hand, was a wee bit light in texture, but didn't disappoint us. Served in a tall glass, it was quite yoghurty, but a thicker surface would have been ideal. 

Service & Ambience

It's a house flipped into a restaurant, so there's plenty of space, and it gives out a very home-like vibe. With neatly aligned, comfortable cushion chairs, the ambience here allows you to enjoy your meal at peace. Even the beautiful Indian music that fills the room won't disturb you. 

The staff here is quick on their feet, and quite helpful. Our food and drinks took only around 10 minutes to arrive at our table. 


Our total came around Rs. 2300, which is quite good considering the number of dishes we ordered. Their offerings might be a bit toned down than the spicy Indian food we're used to, but still, it's a place to grab some if you are in the area.


No. 11, Dr. E.A. Corray Mawatha, Wellawatte


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Open until 11:00 PM


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