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Makye Ame

4, Vajira Road, Colombo 04

A mix of authentic and Sri Lankanized Chinese food, run by the friendliest Chinese lady.

It's been a while since we've walked around to Makye Ame which is located conveniently right down Vajira Road next to YAMU HQ. The story behind the name of the restaurant is a romantic saga between a Tibetan monk of the Highest Order who gave up his ascetic lifestyle for a beautiful Tibetan girl named Makye Ame. What better story to ponder over while you eat?


We're gluttons for dumplings so of course we got the Beef Stuffed Steamed Dumplings (Rs. 40 per dumpling with a minimum order of 15 dumplings). So for a total of Rs.600, we got a plateful of large dumplings stuffed with chunks of beef. The dough is slightly on the thicker side but they've improved vastly since our last visit. The stuffing is basically soupy chunks of beef so be warned that if you're ordering this you need at least 4 people to share it with.

Next up we ordered the Hot and Sour Cuttlefish (Rs. 760 for a small portion) and although this was a small portion it's still enough for about 3 people who aren't starving. We also got a small portion of steamed rice to go with it (Rs. 100) and it's safe to say that the cuttlefish delivers an awesome sour ginger kick. It was cooked well, wasn't rubbery in the least and came with plenty of black mushrooms and carrots. I think it had a hint of wasabi hiding amongst the veggies because my tastebuds were tingling.

The rice was a generic steamed, sticky rice but I'm glad it didn't have any flavour going on because it was a perfect accompaniment to the cuttlefish.

They serve a pot of complimentary green tea (free of charge) on the side, so feel free to help yourself so you have something to get your metabolism raging once you've had a heavy meal.

Service & Ambience

The restaurant screams rustic-Chinese-antique-store with its dim lighting, stone/wood interior design and cloth draped over the walls and doors as makeshift curtains. I loved it. It isn't noisy, it isn't hot (although you DO have to drop the occasional hint if you want to crank up the chill and have the other air conditioner switched on as well) and Nina; the hostess is a cheerful lady who makes your experience all the more worthwhile with her chatter and all-round excellent service.

Heres something you NEED to do: while you wait for your food feel free to try on the costumes hanging off a tiny rack if you're up for having some fun. Nina will be more than happy to help, and she encourages taking pictures and will even join you if you asked. You can select from a range of traditional Japanese Kimono to Chinese Hanfu and there's even a lovely Tibetan Dancing Girl outfit and an outfit traditionally worn by the Hui (Chinese Muslims). Kudos to them for this ingenious idea because it keeps you occupied so you won't notice if your food's taking a little time.


It's a quiet place tucked away on the second floor of the building, so I'd recommend you head there on a Friday evening/weekend with your pals and gorge on some good food. As promised, the vibe is pleasant and you won't be judged if you choose to take a picture wearing a Kimono.


Speak to the Chinese lady and tell her what you like and dislike, she'll be more than happy to order for you.


4, Vajira Road, Colombo 04


From Galle Road, turn onto Vajira Road. It's just there on the right hand side.


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This place has closed down


Chinese Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Fried Rice Beef Chicken Cuttlefish

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