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Makye Ame

4, Vajira Road, Colombo 04

A mix of authentic and Sri Lankanized Chinese food, run by the friendliest Chinese lady.

Makye Ame is a Chinese restaurant that just opened up right next to our office in Bambalapitiya. The location doesn't really bring in much of a crowd, given that Vajira Road is one-way, parking can be tricky, and there's a temple and a major school down the road. Still, we had a really pleasant experience dining here, not necessarily because of the food but because of the courteous host that is the owner. Run by a Chinese lady, this place serves up a mix of authentic Chinese food and Sri Lankanized Chinese food. 


What's cool about this place is that you can check out the entire menu before you step in. We like that they've made the effort to make their presence felt on the street. While we initially thought we'd try fried rice with a side or two, we were quickly dissuaded by the Chinese lady. She basically said fried rice was too mainstream and given that we were interested in dumplings and the beef noodle soup, insisted that we try the crispy fried chicken and a beef dish of her choosing.

The beef dish (Rs 880) arrived first. This item is not on the menu, but it's basically thin cuts of soft beef, glazed with a sticky, peppery sauce. Sadly, this didn't really make a good impression, as the beef tasted way off. It had that strange funky taste that brings on the fear of imminent food poisoning. Luckily, though, none of us got sick.

The 'Chicken Cubes with Chilli Pieces' (Rs 680) arrived next, along with some Steamed Rice (Rs 100), and it was really good. We loved that they threw in green and red chillies, as the colours really made the dish stand out. It's quite an oily bite, but the seasoning was just perfect and we were most happy with this. It's not ridiculously spicy, unless you actually bite into the chilli. 

Beef noodle soup (Rs 650) has quickly become one of my favourite meals, especially the one at Min Han. This one doesn't quite compare, mostly because when it came to the table it was barely warm. The noodles were thick, but way over-cooked, and the texture was a let down. The beef tasted alright though. There was plenty of gelatinous fat floating about, too. I quite enjoyed that, but Aisha found it gross. The stock isn't particularly impressive, it just tasted like generic soup. 

What we expected to be the first dish served to us sadly arrived last. The fried dumplings are priced at Rs 35 each, with a minimum order of 15. While  the price is alright, the execution of this dish was really strange. The dough is thick and more like rotti than what you'd expect. We chose the beef dumpling, and the filling was fine. We tasted quite a hit of ginger in the mix, too. Sadly, these are just way too oily and the dough doesn't feel quite right.

Ambiance & Service

Makye Ame has a rather quaint ambiance. You have to climb up to the first floor of the same building as Choco Castle to get there. It's a really quiet place. They don't play any music. It's also not very crowded, so you could have a conversation here.

They've also got a strange private dining area with a cage like feel to it. The service isn't great if the actual staff attends to you. We were told by the owner that she hasn't had time to train them yet, but they ought to improve soon enough.


Well, I'm happy that there's an okay-ish Chinese restaurant near work, but I do hope that they get better. Right now, it's just the crispy fried chicken that tastes good, and perhaps fried rice would have been a better option after all. The owner is really sweet though, and will insist on receiving your suggestions. We spotted some Chinese people dining here too, so maybe they're doing something right.


Speak to the Chinese lady and tell her what you like and dislike, she'll be more than happy to order for you.


4, Vajira Road, Colombo 04


From Galle Road, turn onto Vajira Road. It's just there on the right hand side.


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This place has closed down


Chinese Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Fried Rice Beef Chicken Cuttlefish

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