Malaysian Way Restaurant

MS-2B, Race Course Ave, Colombo

Malaysian Way Restaurant at Racecourse is a not-so-authentic Malaysian restaurant that does some decent noodle soup.

Malaysian Way Restaurant has been around for a while. Neither is it authentic Malaysian cuisine. But, more on that in a bit. 

If you don't already know where it is or even what it is - it's actually smack dab in the middle of racecourse almost paralleling McD's. 

The Ambience 

In terms of ambience, there isn't much to say. It feels like they had tried to incorporate components from a 60's diner, a Mediterranean restaurant and street graffiti.  Needless to say, it wasn't as amazing as anticipated.

Nonetheless, the chairs proved to be comfortable and the air conditioner seemed to be in perfect working condition which is basically what you'll need. 


The menu at Malaysian Way Restaurant is huge. You'll find everything from rice to noodles to soup noodles to pasta and even sandwiches. As we wanted to stick to their roots, we decided to go with their Red Beef Noodle Soup (Rs. 850) and Malaysian Way Super Noodles (Rs. 750).

This is the Malaysian Way Super Noodles. Essentially just string hopper kottu and positively doused with carrots, leeks and a whole bunch of the most random meat known to mankind, it was alright. But, we don't really think it's worth the Rs. 750. While there were ample amounts of meat and the bowl was pretty large, the whole thing tasted like it was seasoned with Maggi soup cubes or some kind of flavour enhancer.

For Rs. 850, our Red Beef Noodle Soup came fuming. Littered with thinly sliced beef and a minimum amount of veggies, this wasn't bad. It was actually the favourite part about our entire experience at Malaysian Way.

The bowl is quite large but not too big as to not being able to finish and the broth was spicy as hell. They could work on the presentation aspect of it though. We had to fold the egg in two just to see the noodles. If you do end up going here after reading this review, we suggest going with this. 

Drinks and Dessert

As for drinks, they have had quite a few options. Spanning from fruit juices to hot and cold coffee. We tried their Malaysian Double Chocolate (Rs. 450).

While we couldn't necessarily find the "double chocolate", we did get vivid amounts of milk. Low on the sugar and tasting milky to the point of disappointment, we didn't like it. 

Now, here's the deal. When we saw the Gelato section on the menu, we were pretty psyched. But what we got was far from expectation.

This is the Cookies and Cream Gelato (Rs. 200), which tasted like ordinary cookies n cream ice cream and had nothing exceptional about it. Plus, the cones were really soggy. 

This is where things get really really bad - the Berry flavoured Gelato Rs. 250. While it did have a lovely purple colour, eating it felt like eating bubble gum. Room temperature, squishy, sickly sweet bubblegum.

It's possible that the texture came from the fact that it had been there for a long time. We can't stress enough just how much we urge you to stay away from this. 


This is one aspect we really can't complain about. The staff was super nice throughout our visit. Plus, the food was brought within 10-20 minutes of ordering. 


Our experience at Malaysian Way Restaurant had a whole bunch of ups and downs. With a few tweaks here and there, we see much potential, and we sincerely hope that they'd improve with it. 


Stay away from the 'gelato.'