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Mama Louie's

49, Skelton Rd, Colombo 05

Mama Louie's is a new pizza resto in Sooriya Village, serving up some delicious thin-crust pizza.

Nestled in a cosy corner of Skelton Road, The Sooriya Village is a giant, gorgeous mansion that has dedicated themselves for arts, music, and food. Currently, it houses a bunch of affairs - a recording studio, lecture room, library, children's bookstore, practice rooms and not so long ago, they had a restaurant of their own too. 
Mama Louie's took residence down Sooriya Village a few weeks back. Thin-crust pizza cooked with a wood-fired oven is their speciality, and we were excited - for obvious reasons. 

The Pizza

They've got 15 kinds of toppings that revolve around different meats - chicken, beef, and lamb, along with a couple of lasagne and calzones. In terms of pricing, these pizzas are on par with the other similar pizza joints in town. The most expensive one on the list is priced at Rs. 1980 while the cheapest one is Rs. 1200. 

Given that we had the option, we went with two half-n-half pizzas - Margherita (Rs. 1200) and Cinque Formaggi (Rs. 1550) on one, while the other pie was comprised of Aussie Spicy Lamb (Rs. 1980) and Diavolo (Rs. 1690). The most expensive option out of the two toppings is your price point.

With Cinque Formaggi and Margherita sharing the plate, this is the heaven for a vegetarian. I know that because my lunch partner was one, and she had her way with this pizza. 

The crust itself was well executed - crispy to the bite, very light, so you can taste the flavours of the toppings to your heart's content. The only issue we noticed here was the charred areas underneath the pie. Personally, I don't mind having a few charred spots on my crust, but I'm not the biggest fan when it interferes with flavours of the pie. Anyway, that issue was limited to only a couple of slices, so it's all good.

The simplest topping of all, the Margherita at Mama Louie's was as good as it can get. Garnished with basil leaves, the stringy mozzarella blanketed the mildly spicy pizza sauce making for a well-balanced, tangy and milky treat. 

Cinque Formaggi is essentially Mama Louie's take on Four Cheese Pizza, but in fact, it's concocted with five kinds of cheese -  Mozzarella, Ricotta, Italian Blue Cheese, Parmesan and Emmental. The flavour of Blue Cheese boldly stood out, Parmesan and Emmental added a little nutty taste, while Mozzarella and Ricotta complementing to the milky side. 

Piled with bits of chewy Aussie Lamb, chopped black olives, and lots and lots of bell pepper and capsicum, the Spicy Aussie Lamb lived true to its name. The overall flavour here mingled between meaty, spicy and umami elements, and was oozing out with mozzarella. 

The Diavolo was a legit combination of beef pepperoni, chilli flakes, and buffalo mozzarella. It also had a spicy kick to it, drawn from the chilli flakes, but that savouriness was perfectly evened with the milkiness of the buffalo mozzarella and further complemented by the handful of basil leaves. 


*Pictured above - Lime & Mint Crush (left) and Mama's Special Mocha Frappe (right)

The drinks menu at Mama Louie's has an interesting range of mocktails, coffee-based drinks (hot/cold) and milkshakes. We opted for the Mama's Special Mocha Frappe (Rs. 490) and a Lime & Mint Crush (Rs. 440). 

  • Mamma Mia! Mama's Special Mocha Frappe was simply the best. Absolutely chocolaty, with hints of coffee seeping through its fluffy milk, and chilled to perfection, it's a drink for both chocolate and coffee lovers. 
  • The Lime & Mint Crush was a bit of a letdown. There was a puply layer of mashed mint leaves sitting on top, and we could taste its flavour in the drink, harmonising with the limey notes. But sadly, the flavours were toned down by the massive water content. 

Ambience & Service

It's the same ambience we observed at The Sooriya Village - nothing has changed. The wooden tables and chairs are arranged on the open verandah, and the whole place is surrounded by lush greenery, adding a breath of fresh air and a note of serenity to it. 

The staff here is quite accommodating. They leave you to your conversations and food but pops in whenever they seem like we're in need of help. 


A slice of Italy in a leafy retreat, that's what Mama Louie's is. If good pizza with a peace-of-mind smack dab in the middle of this busy town is what you're looking for, Mama Louie's is your safest bet. 


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Don’t try their secret sauce pizzas, it’s extremely sweet without any warning. It tastes almost as if it’s a desert pizza. And it’s inappropriately prized to be their most expensive pizza on their menu. Fail. Never going back here again.





Don’t try their secret sauce pizzas, it’s extremely sweet without any warning. It tastes almost as if it’s a desert pizza. And it’s inappropriately prized to be their most expensive pizza on their menu. Fail. Never going back here again.

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