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Mama's Brownies

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A home baker specialised in brownies.

Mama's Brownies on PickMe Food is an affordable option for brownies. 

The Brownies

They do three kinds of brownies - Classic, Nutella Blast and Naughty Nut. The Assorted Box we ordered had all three of them (two from each).

*Pictured above - Naughty Nut (left), Nutella Blast (middle) and Classic (right)

Every brownie shares the same base, which had a cakey texture, as opposed to the fudgy one we anticipated. On the plus side, however, they had just the right amount of sweetness, and a rich chocolaty kick. 

The Classic ones had a light crisp on top, the Nutella Blast featured a generous slathering of the said spread, while the Naughty Nut was topped off with a heap of crushed nuts, along with a layer of Nutella underneath.


While there's room for improvement, Mama's Brownies definitely come in handy for quick office treats. 


Delivery only


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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Brownies Cakes


Home Baker

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