Mama's Pot

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A home baker who does good bagels, croissants and signature milk bread.

Mama's Pot is a home baker who strives to craft up many interesting sweet and savoury delicacies that one doesn't usually get in other similar establishments. We were absolutely stoked to receive a goody box from them.

The Food

Croissants, bagels and milk bread — these are the three main highlights on Mama's Pot menu. To our knowledge, this is the only place in Colombo that whips up milk bread.

We tried two kinds of Milk Bread — Cheesy Garlic Milk Bread (Rs. 2100) and Chicken Bacon Milk Bread (Rs. 2600). Lured by a promising whiff of garlic, the Cheesy Garlic Milk Bread was indeed cheesy, while the bread itself was soft like a pillow. From what we gathered, this rich cheesiness is drawn from two kinds of cheese. 

The Chicken Bacon Milk Bread, on the other hand, was packed with chicken bacon and herbs to go with every bite.

Aside from those two, Mama's Pot dishes out three more milk bread varieties —Cheesy Tuna Milk Bread (Rs. 3000), Loaded Passion fruit Milk Bread (Rs. 3800) and Chillie & Herb Mozzarella Garlic Dough Balls (Rs. 2500).

Next up, we have the Egg, Ham & Cheese Croissants (Rs. 2700 for a box of two, Rs. 5000 for a box of four). Crispy, flaky and well puffed up, they had a nice brownish hue, and are extra cheesy, all thanks to the generous amounts of cheese. Plus, the homemade secret sauce makes it even more flavourful.

Mama's Pot does some fluffy bagels too. The Spicy & Creamy Prawn Bagels (Rs. 2800 for two) is one of their biggest sellers, for its rich, prawn-y content. 

How To Order

Mama's Pot accepts orders through Instagram, and tends to get fully booked very quickly. We highly suggest placing your orders as early as possible.


It's a reliable option for some excellently prepared milk bread, croissants and bagels. Their ordering process is quite hassle-free, and they do a fantastic job in delivering some good flavours too. 


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