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Mari Amma Kovil (Pasikuda)

Batticoloa Road, Sittandy, Kalkudah

  • Open Pooja at 7.00AM, 12.00PM & 5.00PM

The Mari Amma Kovil is a small, beautiful Hindu temple in Pasikuda that's about seven centuries old. It's still in very good condition, attracting devotees of mostly Goddesses Mari and Kali.

The Mari Amma kovil is one place you can visit when you're in Pasikuda and looking to do a bit of sight-seeing. While Batticaloa - about half an hour away - has bigger Hindu temples, this one is still quite charming, and almost six centuries old.

We were told by our tuk tuk driver that this was a very popular kovil in the neighborhood, and that a large number of Pasikuda's population were devotees to Mari Amma, who in South India is the Hindu Goddess of rain. She is closely associated with Goddesses Parvati, Durga and Kali. You'll see her guarding the top of the temple entrance, flanked by a myriad of other Gods - people pray to her commonly for bringing rainfall and curing illnesses.

The inside of the temple is very simple and understated, with wooden rafters and mostly sandy floors. The pillars are decorated with images of Mari's trident.

The temple has both murals and murtis of a host of other Gods and Goddesses, like this one of Kali, and others like Pillayar (Ganesh), Murugan, Naga, Vairavar and Anjaneyar (Hanuman). Here are some photographs from the temple of images that have been preserved and worshiped for centuries in Pasikuda.


If you're on the Pasikuda Bay and want to take a break from your swim, this small but very ornate and historical kovil isn't too far away. It's quite popular locally and an interesting place to visit.


Batticoloa Road, Sittandy, Kalkudah


It's in the same block as the St Paul's Church and the Eastern University of Sri Lanka.

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Open Pooja at 7.00AM, 12.00PM & 5.00PM

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