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Master WOK

308, Galle Road, Moratuwa

Master WOK is arguably the most popular mainstream rice & curry spot in Moratuwa.

Master WOK is arguably the most popular mainstream rice & curry spot in Moratuwa. I’ve passed this place for more times than I can count, but never wanted to go in, mostly because I've never heard anything good about it.

So is it worse or better than we expected? Let's investigate. 


Their menu includes typical rice and curry (chicken, fish, egg or veg), nasi goreng, yellow rice, fried rice and chicken biriyani. Aside from that, they’ve also got dosa, parata, and kottu, which are only available for dinner.

We opted for a Chicken Rice and Curry, at Rs. 180, it was pretty mediocre. The sudu samba rice was cooked well, and it came with four curries of our choice, and a big, spicy well-seasoned piece of chicken.

Master WOK offers a wide array of curries, and we went for the kesel muwa thel daalaa (tempered banana blossoms), parippu (dhal) kirata, bonchi (bean) curry and fried mushrooms.

All the curries were decently prepared, but could have used a bit more seasoning. While the fried mushroom was soggy and tasted rather bland, the bonchi and parippu curries lacked the proper taste of miti kiri (first milk). The kesel muwa was really oily and it was more of a deep fried version, not tempered.

We also tried their Plain Dosa (Rs. 50), which was really good. It was freshly made, not crazy-oily with a few crispy edges here and there. Paired with a spicy coconut sambol, this is a good one to have in the evening, with a nice cup of hot plain tea.

The highlight of the meal was the Chicken Cheese Kottu (Rs.450), which turned out better than we expected. It had an incredibly creamy texture, as it was smothered with cheese, and chunks of roasted chicken tossed in a generous serving of roti. While the slight tartness that comes from the milk was a nice touch, this was a very rich meal that left me full for hours. 

Service & Ambience

It's a streetside buth kadey, so there's nothing special to mention about the ambience here. They've got a few glass-topped tables and chairs with steel backs, enough to accommodate around ten customers at a time.

The service isn't all smiles, but they're quick on their feet. 


Master WOK is a convenient and cost-effective lunch/ dinner option if you happen to be driving through the area. 

Be sure to try the cheese chicken kottu, they make a good one. 


Cheese Kottu is the bomb!


308, Galle Road, Moratuwa


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Kottu Rice And Curry Fried Rice

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