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Matara Bath Kade

Nawala road, Nugegoda

  • Open until 08:00 PM

Matara bath kade is a small eatery that serves up some mediocre rice and curry.

Ever since YAMU's video team started the "Badagini-Nugegoda" video series, we find ourselves eating at various buth kadeys in Nugegoda. For this review, we take a look at with one of the classics - Matara Buth Kade. 

Colombo has a ton of Matara Buth Kades, but according to Buddhika, this is in fact one of the originals. 

Food & Drinks

The menu is really simple here - red/white rice with a preference of protein (chicken, fish, fried fish, prawns or egg), and a few curries. You don't get a say in the curries you want with your rice (except for the protein), because they have only four curries, and you get all of them. 

The Fried Fish with Red Rice (Rs. 150) came with a hefty piece of deep fried fish that has a nice slight crunch on its outside, while the inside is soft and flavorful. As for curries, it had dhal, manioc, kesel muwa thel daalaa (tempered banana blossoms) and mukunuwenna mallum along with a couple of fried chilis. 

All the curries were decently prepared, but however, they lacked the spiciness that adds a little spike to the flavors that make a good rice and curry. Anyway, their tempered banan blossom with bits of karawala was bomb. 

Aside from the delicious tempered banana blossoms curry, the Chicken with White Rice (Rs. 180) was nothing to write home about. The chicken itself was cooked well, fall-off-the-bone tender, but lacked the seasoning. To our surprise, its gravy was rich with spices and flavor (how?!). 

From what we heard, their prawn curry runs out by 1pm, so if you want to snag yourselves a portion of that, we recommend that you get there early. 

They don't have special drinks here, apart from a few soft drinks like Pepsi, Mountain Dew etc. 

Service & Ambience

It's a very tiny spot in Nawala Road, but always buzzing with people. The interior is nothing much, but rightly so because it's a streetside stall. They've got like two tables and eight chairs, so your best option here is takeaway. 

They present their rice and curry in huge plastic basins, which is not entiely a pretty scene, but it reminded me of a typical dansala we get to see during the Vesak times.

In terms of service, the guys manning the counter aren't all smiles, but they're pretty quick on their feet. 


Their portions are pretty small and quite frankly mediocre, but worth the price that you pay for it, which is why it's popular. Throw in a couple of Rs. 20s if you want a bigger rice portion.


Try fried fish rice & curry


Nawala road, Nugegoda

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Open until 08:00 PM


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every where I go, I see this place :D





every where I go, I see this place :D

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