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Min Han

14, Deanstone Place, Colombo 03

Min Han (or Ming Han) is one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. It's cheap, super tasty and the waiter Wijapayala orders for you.




The prices have increased exponentially where it's almost a thousand per small portion. Lunch for 2 with 1 large portion of egg fried rice and 3 small portions of seafood was Rs. 4,400. Interior was still dingy and Wijayapala was missing (apparently Sunday is his off day😀) but I'll still go back since the food is tasty and I do like a difference

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14, Deanstone Place, Colombo 03


On Duplication Road, past Manhattan Fish Market, turn right at the first road after Bars Cafe. Min Han is in a tiny house on the left side of the lane.


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