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MINI Showroom

No. 05, Castle Street, Colombo 08

MINI Opened up their very first showroom in Sri Lanka a few months back. We dropped in to have a look at their latest offerings and their pretty cool.

MINI Opened up their very first showroom in Sri Lanka a few months back. We dropped in to have a look at their latest models.

This isn't our usual M.O. but there was quite a lot of press floating around about the new MINI showroom on Castle Street, so we were excited when we finally got the chance to the check the place out. We aren't experts on cars so this one is just our opinion with some facts about the vehicles thrown in.

They've currently got two models for sale, the 2 door MINI Cooper 2014 and the 4 door MINI Cooper Countryman. They've both got updated looks but they maintain the signature MINI style, along with some updated specs under the hood. These guys understand that it's a way of life and you more or less adopt a MINI, so they issue a birth certificate and ID card for all the cars, which is a nice attention to detail and something many would appreciate. They also allow you to take the cars out for test drive if you want to see how they feel on the road.




The Cooper 2014 is the latest iteration of the classic 2 door hatchback. It may be small but it packs a pretty decent punch. It's got a 3 cylinder engine with a 1500CC capacity, 6-speed automatic transmission and a top speed of 210 km/h.


The interior design is also quite unique with a circular central console which houses the radio. They've also added a customizable LED ring, which is a pretty neat touch. Besides that . Right now they've got a red version and blue version of this model at the showroom.




The Countryman is the larger 4 door version, focused more towards people who want the MINI look in a larger form factor. This is also a better choice for a family vehicle since it has considerably more interior and trunk space. You could probably call this a MINI SUV. This one comes with a 4 cylinder engine with capacity of 1600CC, 6-speed automatic transmission and a top speed of 182 km/h.



The interior of the Countryman retains the circular central console, which in this case houses the on board computer with a much larger screen.


They've got a bunch of different options when it comes to paint jobs for this one with both single tone and two tone schemes. You can check out the chrome version, black and white version as well as the red and black version at the showroom.


No. 05, Castle Street, Colombo 08


It's located on Castle Street (Dudley Senanayake Mw.) just after the Kynsey Road junction heading out of Colombo. It's hard to miss with a red Mini Cooper attached vertically to its front wall.


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