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Moksha Vegetarian


Fast and reasonably priced Indian fare with an unintentionally quirky ambience.

Moksha is a new Indian place in town right opposite ICBT City Campus on Hildon Place. It is a great spot for your Indian dessert cravings, or to take your kids because it's very child-friendly. At only a week old, the place has a lot of room for improvement but all in all, we were quite satisfied.

The Food

We ordered a main, two desserts and a drink. For the main, we were excited about the Prawn Biriyani (Rs. 800) but were told it’s unavailable which was discouraging. So, we opted for Moksha Biriyani Veg – Regular (Rs. 600). It did not disappoint! The biriyani was absolutely delicious with plenty of paneer which is something you don’t always see in other places. It also had a paneer tikka masala curry which was quite sweet and really balanced out the flavours. The regular one was easily enough for two people. It also came with a side of mango pickle.

After the mains, we were served our desserts and drinks. The Moksha Special Matka Kulfi (Rs. 400) came in a small clay pot topped with a generous drizzle of almonds. Having never tried kulfi before, I was instantly drawn to it. It was so delicious that I found myself going for more. The other reviewers I went with have had kulfi before and they confirmed that this tastes like a genuine Indian kulfi, which was great.

Then we tried the Divine Chocolate Kulfi (Rs. 150) which didn’t taste like anything special, just a normal chocolate ice cream.

Next, we had the Faluda Milk (Rs. 350) in the hopes of quenching our thirst. That too wasn’t available so we got the Strawberry Milkshake for the same price. That’s where they failed to impress us. The milkshake was really bad. I only had two sips and it was just too creamy and way too sweet.

Ambience & Service

There’s nothing very exciting when it comes to the ambience. The tables and chairs were the comfortable type you’d find in your dining room. Aside from that, there was really nothing except for a few wooden wall carvings. Another thing I have to mention is that the plates they gave were really hard to eat from. I had to use two spoons to scoop up the paneer and the last of my rice. It was a struggle.

The service was a little hasty and chaotic but that can be excused since it’s a new place. There was something wrong with the credit card machine, although we paid we didn’t get a bill so they had to write it down on paper for us. 


Overall, we liked it. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, but it’s a good place to grab a quick bite in the neighbourhood or have a kulfi to beat the heat, cause God knows we need places like that everywhere.


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