Moksha Vegetarian


Fast and reasonably priced Indian fare with an unintentionally quirky ambience.

Ice cubes and grass; that's what memes portray as what vegans have for their meals, and that may or may not be true in the Western countries, where these memes originate from.

But here, in our country, those who decide to go vegetarian, have a horde of varieties to choose from, many thanks to our neighbouring country as well, where most of this food originated from. And it was by chance that we stumbled upon one of the best Indian food places in the area: Moksha Vegetarian.

This is the same Moksha Restaurant that used to be in Bambalapitiya, which now serves the same good stuff to the residents in Piliyandala. 

Ambience and Service 

A quaint little place, with a mixture of wooden tables and chairs and modern ones, the place was spotlessly clean. A wooden sculpture of Ganesha, the elephant-headed God in Hindu culture, who is considered the god of good beginnings, greeted us, also symbolising the beginning of a flawless experience for us.

The staff were pleasant and accommodating, and were happy to explain to us everything on the menu and instead of the "it's all quite good," that you get when you usually ask for recommendations. They were happy to point out to us what we might like, and what food would suit the evening. We went on a rainy day, so the fan sufficed, but on a warm day the AC which they seem to never switch on would be a necessity. 

The Food

Upon the recommendation of the staff, we got the paneer dosa, and after convincing them that I could also down an onion paratha, throwing me a sceptical look, they took down my order. As I received the Paneer Dosa (Rs. 400) in a few minutes, I realized the source of their scepticism. It was GINORMOUS. So ginormous that my prime lens had no chance of capturing the picture in all its glory. The dosa was so crisp and not the least oily, and the filling, paneer (made from curd) was so relishing!

We didn't really expect curd and dosa to go together, but the paneer did not taste like the usual curd, the texture, the taste was entirely different, and went with the dosa perfectly. We also received generous helpings of chutney, and also a lime pickle sambol which we loved. 

The Onion Paratha (Rs. 150) too, was out of this world! This twist on the normal paratha is something we are definitely going again for. The onion and the slight cheese-like texture that the paratha had was amazing. It was warm, and the portion of onion paratha too was pretty huge. This onion paratha came with a green peas curry, which also went perfectly with the paratha. The curry wasn't spicy, but mellow, and complemented the spicy filling of the paratha. 

The ice cream found at Moksha also has a classic Indian twist to it. The Kulfi ice cream (Rs. 180) which we opted for, had a delectable flavour, and the taste it gave was unlike any other ice cream we've had. It tasted like a mixture of Bombay sweets transformed into an ice cream, and we loved it.

The Sweet Lassi (Rs. 150) also had a Bombay sweet twist to it, where apart from the usual lassi, you had a tiny crumb-like texture, which, as you sip, gives a heavenly feeling.

They also had a vast array of sweets to choose from, ranging from jalebi to more badass kulfi. 


The portions they gave us at were so huge so we couldn't try as much as we wanted to, so we're definitely going for more. The food is relishing, and totally get your money's worth. We highly recommend!