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Momoka Nail Spa

No. 06/A, Vajira Road, Bambalapitiya Colombo, Sri Lanka

Momoka Nail Spa is a small nail salon tucked away down Vajira Road. They offer a range of services from full body waxes to gel nails.

The Momoka Nail Spa is a short walk away from YAMU HQ, right down Vajira Road. Although it looks like they've popped up out of nowhere, they've actually been in business for two and a half years and have managed to accumulate a steadfast fan base. They specialise in nails mostly, but also offer waxing services and the like.


I called ahead and made a reservation for a Full Manicure (Rs. 1,900) and the manicurist (who is also the receptionist) got to work as soon as I walked in. I was promptly directed to the counter and she asked me what I wanted and listened attentively to my requests. 
They have a range of colours to choose from but nearly all of them are off-brand with only a handful of colours from O.P.I. The manicurist proved to be highly skilled when it came to filing my nails as she got the shape right to a tee. She understood exactly what I wanted and didn't go too hard with the nail-file. There wasn't a protective layer of sorts placed atop the glass counter though, so the water dripped everywhere when she got started on the scrub which made it an incredibly messy ordeal.
I noticed that they aren't very hygienic with their appliances as she left the bowl in the pedicure bath and then refilled it which is slightly revolting.


It's a tiny boutique that's clearly seen better days. There's a lot of pink and white furniture I'm assuming in an attempt to make the place look as girly as possible. It's a bit of a tight fit and there's little to no privacy as everything is pretty much squeezed together in the tiny space.
They have a bit of a hygiene issue what with the general disregard for their utensils so I wouldn't recommend a pedicure or a wax if you're squeamish about such things.  


Overall I think this is an okay place to visit if you're in the area and are in a dire need of a quick nail fix. Make sure you tell the manicurist exactly what you want and pack a raincoat or something when you go to avoid getting water all over your clothes.


Tell the manicurist exactly what you want, she'll be more than happy to comply.


No. 06/A, Vajira Road, Bambalapitiya Colombo, Sri Lanka


It's down Vajira Road right next to Makye Ame.


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