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Mong Kok Chinese (One Galle Face)

1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo

  • Open until 10:00 PM

A taste of Chinese at One Galle Face!

Majestic fire-breathing dragons, brave warriors in shining armour, stories of beautiful princesses (along with stories of censorship and the oppression of the Uyghurs, in this era) are some of the concepts we associate with China and its culture. One of the most interesting ways to explore another culture is through their cuisine, the palate which they favour, the harmony of flavours they prefer, their innovation and culinary brilliance, which tells a story.

Chinese cuisine has made its way to all corners of the world, and One Galle Face, working upon the concept of having something for everyone, have a few interesting places that whip up some amazing Chinese fare. Mong Kok Chinese, situated on the 5th floor is one of them. 

The Food

Mong Kok Chinese has an arsenal of interesting food items on their menu, from all sorts of meat to items you've never even heard of, it's an exciting experience.

The Steam Prawn Dumplings (Rs. 760) were beautifully presented in an ornate place on a wooden box. They were stuffed with chunky, plumpy shrimps, and the covering, slim and silky with a tinge of chewiness, was crafted to perfection. A dish with a history of over 1800 years, dumplings are a staple food in China. 

There are few places that do good fried rice, and Mong Kok Chinese definitely has to be one of them. Finally seeing something familiar, we could not resist the temptation of not ordering it, as a precaution, in case we didn't agree with the rest of the food.

Perfectly fluffy and well-seasoned, the Boiled Sea Food Rice (Rs. 980) was absolutely relishing. With a portion that can serve 3-4 people, the fresh veggies in the fray were crunchy to the bite and contributed to the experience. Unfortunately, they didn't have as much seafood as expected, but the flavourful rice did the trick. 

Owing to the light nature of the noodles in the Beef Ho Fun (Rs. 890) that we had, the noodles had perfectly absorbed the flavour of the meat and added a very pleasant, chewy element to the dish. Perfectly prepared beef adorning the dish, the Ho Fun was thoroughly enjoyed. If you're new to Chinese cuisine, the Ho Fun can be described as a mix between kottu and noodles, with the strips having an additional chewy factor.

The Deep Fried Tofu with Chinese 7 spice (Rs. 650) did not comply with the usual cube-ish tofu texture, but they'd gone for the tentacle-y version (maybe because it was the seafood version, and no, these aren't the tentacles from anime, that's Japanese, Chinese tentacles are very much... not alive).

These tofu noodles had a very similar taste to cheese and also had a slight sea-food tinge to it. You can try it out if you're feeling mildly adventurous and tired of the usual fried rice and the orthodox palates your tongue is used to having every day.

*Pictured above - Pearl Bubble Milk Tea (left) and Cheese Strawberry Tea (right)

The Pearl Bubble Milk Tea (Rs. 450) had a tasteful bitter tinge to it, and with the occasional tapioca that snaked its way into your mouth with each sip, it was refreshing.

The Cheese Strawberry Tea (Rs. 600), didn't really have cheese in it (a confusing name I know, yes) but the texture was different from any other strawberry tea we've had before. A semi-thick texture and a creamy surface, the strawberry flavour was mild and delightful in each sip we took.

Service and Ambience

With an indoor and outdoor section, that has the view of the Galle Face and the sound of the waves (accompanied by that of the vehicles) engulfing you, it's a pleasant place to grab a meal. There's also a room that you can reserve for any official purposes. 

The food takes some time to arrive, but it's certainly worth the wait, and the staff too are quite friendly and accommodating. 


Despite the fact that it's slightly pricey, the food at Mong Kok Chinese, paired with the ambience is amazing, and the exciting dishes available will take you on a journey like n0 other.

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