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Mr. Kottu Restaurant

No. 243, Thalawathugoda Road, Wijitha Pura, Pitakotte

Have you tried Hopper Kottu? Mr. Kottu is the place to go.



Dhushan Bala

What a waste of money, We ordered one small & large portion, both the plates & quantity were same.
When we asked the waiter it was pretty clear he made a mistake. Small veg kottu & seafood kottu large cannot be same quantity correct??? Shame on you people cannot accept the mistake & apology. Instead, you people were pretending it's the correct portion. The coke was priced at Rs.100 on the menu but Rs.150 when charging. At least we thought the quality should be good unfortunately the restaurant looks exquisite but the food is not up to the standards for the money the customer pays. Waited almost 45 mins for that unpleasant food. SERIOUSLY WHAT A SHAME, this is not the mistake of the employees, it's the employer. GOOD SHOW-OFF OUTSIDE, GOOD FOR NOTHING INSIDE.🤦‍♂️

Seriously hats off to the owner of the business Viraj Wickramanayeke personally reached me and conveyed his apologies, I really appreciate it. It really means that you are not just doing the business for surviving. In common, I withdraw the above comment being a supportive citizen who loves supporting local business. Good luck Viraj Wickramanayeke will be there soon as a Lankan kottu fan.🤝👍

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No. 243, Thalawathugoda Road, Wijitha Pura, Pitakotte


If you are coming on Atulkotte to Pitakotte road, you have to come Pitakotte junction first. Then turn left & keep going about 1km towards Thalawathugoda town.


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Open until 11:00 PM


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