Mr Pasta

No 45, Marine Drive, Wellawatta

A new spot down Marine Drive, dedicated to serving up some filling pasta.

Mr Pasta joined the restaurant community not too long ago. And since then, we've actually visited them twice - for our First Look and Sinhala review. Amidst much controversy and 3 times of unplanned visits that ended with us going back to office hungry and utterly disappointed, this time around, we got lucky. 

Somewhere in Wellawatte along the coast of Marine drive, you will see a restaurant with a sign made up of letters and muscles spelling out Mr Pasta. We're not entirely sure about their opening times but granted that the stars align, chances are you might be able to pop in for a visit. 


Essentially a room with translucent glass walls, black furniture, a tv that is switched on at times, the ambience at Mr Pasta is all right. 

This is a shot from our first visit to the restaurant and we use this because nothing had changed since then. Enough seating to seat more than a dozen hungry people and maybe one more, the seating is comfortable and the tables are great for taking pictures of your food. 

Since it's by the side of Marine Drive, you get a pretty great view of the passing cars and coastal line. 


The food at Mr Pasta comprises of pasta, rice, a couple of starters and some dishes that we're not entirely sure about. We stuck to the more generic things and started off with the Onion Rings (Rs. 250). 

Coming in as a healthy portion of batter-fried onion rings that were crunchy in texture, they were okay. The only real problem we had was with the fact that it was hella oily. However, maybe if the rings and batter were thicker, it would have been nicer. 

Then came the Singaporean Style Set menu that's served with Singaporean Style Chicken and Chop Suey (Rs. 490). If there's one thing you can always count on at Mr Pasta, it's the portion size. A giant-sized plate ladened with fluffy basmati tossed in egg, veggies and enough pepper to stand out, the fried rice was actually quite nice. There was plenty of vegetable and eggy bits to keep things interesting and the pepper managed to give quite a few sharp kicks at every other bite which we liked.  

Both the chicken with beans and the chop suey tasted pretty much the same with the only difference being the add ons (chicken vs veggies). If for instance, they had given a more chilli based chicken, the whole thing would have been heaps better.

Both dishes were lovely individually but paired together, it just adds up to be a rather monotonous meal that has close to no varients to help you finish the dish. 

I love spaghetti Carbonaras. Which is essentially why I keep ordering it whenever I go on a review to any place with pasta. We actually ordered it the last time we visited them as well. And as expected, the dish came as a portion size enough to feed a Viking. A mountain of spaghetti smothered in veggies, bits of stringy chicken, a generous helping of parsley as a garnish this one didn't have a lot of cheese. 

Coming in as a bit drier than how it turned out the last time around, we dug in deep to find the white gooey mess (white sauce) you must depend on when you live in a country where cheese is more expensive than a kidney. Plus, with a price tag of Rs. 480, you'd be a fool to expect the best Carbonara in Colombo, because come on! 

Nonetheless, as opposed to the last time, this was a bit of a disappointment. While we're cool with the health-conscious approach they had moved in with the large amounts of carrot and beans, Chathura found there to be far too much parsley. But, just mix it and you'll be fine.

That being said, there were very little amounts of stringy chicken and a bit more white sauce would have been the ticket to serving up some solid spaghetti carbonara for a price tag less than 500 bucks. 

Pictured Above: Chocolate Milkshake (Left) and Lemon Iced Tea (Right)

Aye, the drinks. This time around, Chathura opted for the Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 300) and I went with the Lemon Iced Tea (Rs. 150). 

Positively overpowered with milk and far too little chocolate to be referred to a chocolate milkshake, the Chocolate Milkshake at Mr Pasta let us down a bit and we weren't overjoyed by it.

The Lemon Iced tea, on the other hand, was brilliant. With sharp bitter kicks of the tea and lovely tangy lines through the lemon, they serve the drink with the sugar syrup at the bottom and the lemon demarcating the boundary between the 2 liquids and we positively loved it. I personally like my tea a bit (not too much) on the sugary side so this was perfect. 


We had nothing to complain about really. The staff seemed pretty efficient with the way they dealt with everything and even though the food did take around 30 minutes to arrive, we didn't mind because they somehow managed to exceed expectations with it. 

At the end of the meal, they asked us ways to improve as well and took what we said without making a fuss which we do appreciate. 


Mr Pasta is a restaurant that's a mix of things that can be termed good bad and worthy of a raised eyebrow. We didn't have a brilliant experience in our second visit but upon visiting them again, we're not too sure if it's as bad as that time around. Plus, there's nowhere else you're going to get that much spaghetti carbonara for that amount. 

Ps: We asked the server if they used MSG in their food and after looking shocked for a bit he quickly said that they do not. 


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