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9, Station Road, Colombo 4

Mythi's is a small streetside restaurant down Station Road, Bambalapitiya, that serves up some killer rice and curry.

Mythi's is a small streetside restaurant on Fife Road that offers one of the best black pork curries in Colombo, and a killer rice and curry.

The Food

Our interest in Mythi's was reignited when it was suggested by a bunch of commenters in our best pork dishes round-up. After trying out their stuff again, we can say it's a great place to grab a rice and curry, specifically their black pork curry.

We won't call Mythi's a buth kade because it's actually a pretty decent place to sit down. Their prices range from Rs. 200 - Rs. 300, which is higher than other rice and curry spots but these guys absolutely stuff the plate so it's well worth the money. You can also add another meat curry for about Rs. 100 more.

We got the pork rice and curry (Rs. 280) with added chicken curry (Rs. 110). You can choose either white rice or red rice, with parippu, gotukola malung, jackfruit curry, papadam, dried chillies and a piece of karawala, which is a nice little addition that other places rarely offer. The veges and sides will change depending on the day but the parippu and jackfruit are apparently available every day.

They serve you a bucket load of rice and parippu, which I would have happily just eaten together with nothing else. The gotukola malung was also very fresh with the onions adding a bit of texture. It's not huge deal, but I also really appreciated the addition of the karawala.

Most buth kades tend to be generous with everything but the meats, which that wasn't the case with Mythi's. They quite literally served three ladles of black pork curry with my smile growing wider with each one. The curry has a great balance of spices with good amount heat and pepper coming through.

There's also a good amount of both meat and fat pieces, to which the gravy binds very well. They've also got some goraka* in there as well which complements the pork. So Mythi's is definitely a contender for best pork curry in Colombo.

The chicken was also quite good, although a bit milder in terms of flavour compared to the pork. That being said it's cooked through well with a thinner spicy gravy.

Ambience & Service

Mythi's is small space with around 4 tables. It's not fancy, but the place is clean and well ventilated. Honestly, had Mythi's been closer to our office I'd gladly have lunch here everyday.

Service at Mythi's is pretty straight forward. You walk up to the counter, see what they've got on offer and proceed to order over the counter. After that you sit and stuff your face. But the guys are who work are actually really nice guys and they seem to be quite chummy with the regular customers.


If you're a fan of rice and curry or black pork, Mythi's is a must visit.


Beef curry is a must.
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The new Mythi's doesn't have a lot of seating, but they do have plenty of great curries!

Mythi's is a small streetside restaurant on Fife Road that offers arguably the best black pork curry in Colombo, along with a killer rice and curry.

At Mythis you can always find get a good serving of pork curry- arguably the best local meat curry. For Rs. 260 you get a generous helping of pork, a good splash of the day’s vegetable curries- dhal, beetroot, okra, breadfruit, a papadam and some sambols on a typical day. It’s a good meal for the price and - by the standards of buth kades - Mythis is clean and well ventilated.

සිංහල අවංකයෙන්ම ඒකෙ නම් පුදුම රසක්. ඔය ඕන මසක් මාළුවක් කන යාළුවො නිකමට හරි මිතිස් බීෆ් එක කාලා බලන්නෝනි. මොකද ඒකෙ පාන් පරාටා වගේ දේකට වුණත් ඇර නොතිය වගකියන්න...

සිංහල හොඳම දේශීය මස් කරියැයි තර්ක කළහැකි ඌරු මස් කරියක් හැමවිටම ඔබට 'මිතිස්' වෙතින් ලබා ගත හැකිය. සාමාන්‍ය දවසකදී ඔබට රු. 260ක මිළකට හොඳ මස් පංගුවක් සහ පරිප්පු, බීට්රූට්, බණ්ඩක්කා, දෙල් වැනි දවසේ එළවළු ව්‍යංජන, පපඩම් හා පොල් සබ්‍ම්බලක් සමග හොඳ බත් පිඟානක් කෑ හැකිය. එය මිළට හා බත් කඩ ප්‍රමිතියට අනුව හොඳ ආහාර වේලකි. 'මිතිස්' පිරිසිදු, හොඳින් වාතාශ්‍රය ඇති තැනකි.


9, Station Road, Colombo 4


The new location is right opposite Majestic City's KFC.



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This place has closed down


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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