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No.357, High Level Road, Nugegoda

Namaste is a new Indian restaurant in Nugegoda serving mainly North Indian cuisine. While the staff are lovely and the place is nice, we can't really say the same about the food.




Disgusting place. Doesn't even know how to make basic South Indian dishes even. Should think of changing their name to "Cheaters-Non Indian Useless Food Joint". They are masters of making onion uttappam without onions and other condiments. Do you guys think we have not been to any other Indian restaurant to know how an Onion uttappam is made and presented or do you think Sri Lankans are so illiterate to not to know how an onion uttappam is made via Google or any other electronic mode available. The outlet can not even make a coconut chutney. They consider adding used thin coconut milk with coconut scrap to onion sambol to be Red Coconut Chutney. Green chutney was so watery that we could have used the content to rinse our hands. They are experts in making a Sambar with just two vegetables and again they make it a point to make it inedible for the patron. Even if this is the only place open in Colombo on a given night, People, Please go home and make a 2 minute Maggi Curry flavour noodles with some added Garam Masala, and believe me, it'll save Rs. 2,000 off your wallet and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth than eating Expensive Non Indian Garbage from this "Food Hut" (I wouldn't even call it a restaurant).

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No.357, High Level Road, Nugegoda


On the High Level Road, go over the Nugegoda flyover and continue for 2-3 km.


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Closed right now


Indian North Indian

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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