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Napoli Artisan Pizza

4 Rohini Rd, Wellawatte

A brand new artisanal pizza place down Rohini Rd, Wellawatte.

Napoli is the latest artisan pizza place in town - this time in Wellawatte. We came away happy, but also thinking that the food could improve a bit.


We started with a Bruschetta (Rs. 450) with tomatoes cut into slices a little smaller than normal, but they were still fresh and juicy.

The amount of cheese on it was just right with the basil seasoning being the perfect complement. The bruschetta itself was thin and didn't interfere with the flavor. The olives, tomatoes and mozarella delivered a nicely balanced taste, but we found that a bit of salt and olive oil on top certainly didn't hurt.

Next we tried the Cheesy Four (Rs. 1700), one of the cheeses were blue. It added a nice tangy touch to what was overall a well designed pie. If you're curious, the pie also had mozarella, cheddar and goat cheese. The four cheese is a great pizza, the flavors come together brilliantly. 

The Eye of Caprice (Rs. 1700) a little on the sweet side, but is combination of ripe tomatoes on mozarella and basil added a tangy balance that ultimately went down decently well. 

The Family Night Out (Rs. 1700) had sauteed beef chunks topped with mozarella, bell pepper and onions. This was our least favorite of all the pizzas we tried. Even though we got some pineapple on top ( TIP: Ask for pineapple even though it doesn’t appear on the menu), the dish ended up being rather bland and the meat didn’t bring any flavor with it.

Portions are generous.Three people consumed the meal described above, and half of the Family Night Out was doggybagged for laters. The crusts are thin and on the crispy side, which I like. The Bruschetta, in particular, is great value for money.


These guys have a fantastic selection of Italian coffee. Prices are very reasonable. Everything we ordered was under Rs.300. They do a mean Cafe Latte, the Espresso is pretty solid also. 


Walk down Rohini Road in the evening and you encounter something which, with a little imagination, could easily be from a Scorcese movie. Vaguely industrial architecture, blocky, purpose-made buildings housing saree shops and apartments, smoke and steam (I'm sure I saw smoke and steam), hazy flourescent light, patches of deep shade, whining machanical noises, homeless people sleeping on the pavements and shadows moving about in the dark.


The gentleman managing Napolis, the amicable Mr. Muhsin, doesn't quite turn out to be a suave Italian gangster, but is almost as cool. He never runs out of friendly and helpful chatter, the staff are informed and service is quick. The outdoor seating area really exposes you to aforementioned Scorcese-esque atmosphere, at the cost of sitting at an incline, which we didn't mind, not entirely at least.


Napoli's is good pizza, but they could deliver a bit more taste-wise. Aside from the Four Cheese, the other two pizzas could have definitely used some improvement. Do go around to check it out and let us know what you think. Remember, the place only opens for dinner. 


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4 Rohini Rd, Wellawatte


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