Nara Thai

No 3, Deal Place, Colombo 03

The food is good, the portions are reasonable for the price, and you don't need to book a plane ticket to savour authentic Thai cuisine.

Nara Thai is a Thai restaurant franchise that recently opened up in Colombo at the old Chesa Swiss location. We were happy with our First Look, but the comments section seemed to paint a different picture, particularly on small portions and lacklustre service. We went again for a full-on review, and had a positive experience. 

Food & Drink

We started off with a small portion of Tom Kha Gai soup (Rs. 990), a lemongrass and coconut milk soup with the option of chicken or beef. We opted for chicken and were glad to see plenty of it. The mushrooms seemed suspect, a lot like the canned straw mushrooms you would find on a supermarket shelf. A few whole red chilies also made an appearance. Don't be alarmed, this has a much milder kick than the infamous Tom Yum soup, and it's a good portion for two. We would hit it up again.

Our mains included the Pad Kee Mao (Rs. 990), aka Drunken Noodles, a pretty straight-forward dish of stir fried rice noodles with chilli and basil with the option of chicken or beef. Again, we went chicken. This one didn't blow us away, but that's a part of the charm, maybe? Some stories claim the name comes from the use of rice wine, the others claim it was first made by a drunkard with whatever was in the kitchen. Either way, the vegetables were bland and the spices didn't make much of an impression. If you're looking for flavour, avoid.

We also took the rice direction with two portions of jasmine rice (Rs. 190 each) paired with a small portion of Kang Kiew Wan (Rs. 1190), a green curry, again with the option of chicken or beef. Ten points if you guessed that we ordered the chicken! Hah, no. We got the beef, this time. The curry packed quite a punch with an acidity that might scorch your throat. The meat had softened and taken on the flavours of the curry. There were a lot of peppers, parsley and lime zest that kicked in here and there, as we got through it. 

To wash it down, we had the Anchan Tea, or Butterfly Pea Tea, to drink. To be honest, this was possibly the most confusing drink I've had. Rather tart and full of antioxidants, it's a purple concoction that is oddly reminiscent of Ribena. It was quite refreshing and helped cleanse the palate. At Rs. 390, I'm not personally convinced of its value, but it's great to recover from a heavy meal.

Service & Ambiance

The restaurant itself is gorgeous, with bright purple, gold and red accents complementing the wooden chairs and glass topped tables. They've littered the space with a few ornaments that are curious to look at, so your eyes won't get bored too quick. Overall, the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed. Oh, and there's giant bells in the outdoor seating area and some quirky fans.

Service is efficient. We went in on a busy afternoon and the waiters seemed to handle each table attentively, and they knew their away about the menu. 



Nara Thai is a solid Thai restaurant that fits the bill for both family dinners and date nights, or even the casual lunch date. The food is good, the portions are reasonable for the price, and you don't need to book a plane ticket to savour authentic Thai cuisine. We like it!


Reserve your seats before you go in. Also don't order too much because their portions are good for sharing.


No 3, Deal Place, Colombo 03


It's located right opposite The Manhattan Fish Market down R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03.


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Thai South-East Asian

Price Range

More than Rs.1500

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Noodles Rice And Curry Fried Rice Chicken