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Natural Eats

50, 14 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02

Natural Eats is a restaurant that's on its way to make healthy eating affordable to practically anyone.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that healthy eating from outside home is ludicrously expensive in Colombo. And we're all too broke for that kind of effort. Which is where Natural Eats steps in. 

Natural Eats is a food startup that's breaking the wheel on expensive healthy eating in Colombo. Located at Crossfit Ceylon and available on Uber Eats, this place just might be the reason you stop going with McD's Chicken Salad for lunch every other day. 

The Ambience

Given that Natural Eats is still a bit of a startup, it doesn't have its very own place yet. At the moment, it's at the entrance of Crossfit Ceylon down Sir James Pieris Mawatha.

For non-gym goers; here's the thing, if you don't gym or exercise or whatnot, feeling uncomfortable is a given no, considering the fact this is a gym that advertises themselves as Crossfit experts. But, after the initial state of discomfort from being amongst a bunch of very fit people, you'll be mildly surprised at how nice it is.

With lots of sun streaming in, a pretty clean cut cement counter and stools for seating, we liked it. It's ideal for when you're looking for a quick lunch or you're dining alone. 

For gym-goers; you'll feel right in. But, the prior could apply to you as well.

The Food

As we mentioned before, the main objective of Natural Eats is to make healthy eating affordable. Their options change according to what time of day it is - with stuff like pancakes and vegan oatmeal bowls being available in the morning and mains like the Quinoa Bowl being available towards lunchtime. 

Considering the fact that we visited at a rather odd time, we managed to snag one of both. 

This was the sole definition of healthy 'yum' - the Quinoa Bowl (Rs. 675) with spicy tomato chicken accompanied by a gourmet salad and white sauce. 

For some unknown reason, I've never been really into quinoa, but this one managed to surprise me in a very good way. It was cooked quite well and had been tossed in chilli flakes which really, really did a good job in helping us wipe that plate clean. As bizarre as it sounds, quinoa and chilli just might be a match made in heaven. At least, in this case, it was.

Nonetheless, we're not entirely sure what we were supposed to expect from 'gourmet salad' but, what we did get was a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, green bell peppers and onions all dressed in lime. This was perfect for giving a lovely citrusy buzz to the whole dish and oh yeah, the chicken.

You know how when you eat achcharu, you reach a point where there are tears streaming down your face because it's so spicy but you can't stop eating because it's just that good? well, this was the non-achcharu version of that same exact scenario. Spicy, packed with tomatoes and boosting a pretty generous amount of meaty flavours, this chicken was insanely good. 

This is the Breakfast Bowl (Rs. 450) - a small bowl of homemade granola topped with yoghurt, passion fruit and bananas.

Absolutely tangy with hints of sweetness seeping in through the yoghurt, banana and the sliver of honey, this was every granola lovers dream. The granola packed a slight crunch even after being drenched in yoghurt and doubtlessly, it's one of the nicest breakfast bowls out there. 


Natural Eats also has a bunch of snacks which you can also get from ODEL, Good Market and ofc, Crossfit Ceylon. We wound up with a Peanut Ball (Rs.50) and Pistachio Ball (Rs. 80). 

The ball you see on the left, is the Pistachio Ball, which was a nice blend of pistachio, dates and a bunch of other stuff that seemed to miss us. Chewy but not boasting too much sweetness, this was essentially a fit persons take on aggala. 

The Peanut Ball was my personal favourite. Absolutely peanutty to the point of tasting like a dry version of peanut butter, this was fantastic! In comparison to Pistachio Ball, this was a lot more crumbly than chewy and less sweet. 


While we could have gone with the option of going with coffee, we opted for the more popular option with the kooky name instead. The Electrolite Me (Rs. 350) came as a possible combination of spinach, star fruit and another bunch of greeny thing's that failed to stick with us after the spinach. 

Essentially looking like kola kenda and giving the same health vibes as kola kenda, the Electrolite Me was lovely. Giving a very moderate amount of sweetness and slightly sour notes throughout, we managed to completely miss the presence of spinach. But, given the fact that it was served at room temperature, we were a tad disappointed. Nonetheless, combined with a bit of ice this has the potential of being a really nice juice that any non-health buff could swoon over. 


Service wise, they were great. Considering the fact that we had called an ordered our food before coming in (approx 15 minutes before coming), the food was ready on arrival, which was a pretty pleasant surprise. 

Apart from that, they were super friendly throughout; checking up on us frequently to see if we needed anything and working efficiently to get everything done. Plus, they're really friendly to the point of almost keeping us company.


In conclusion, we loved it. The staff was super nice and the food was brilliant. And, they're unbelievably affordable. If you're looking for something on the healthier side of things, while keeping an eye at your wallet, this is the spot!


50, 14 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02



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Open until 08:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Rice Salad Vegetarian Chicken Fruit Juice Healthy

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