3-38, Majestic City, Colombo 04

A place for the hegemonic masculine 5-percenter to equip himself to act out escapist, primal fantasies to get away from a lifetime spent inside a cubicle.

Nimrods sells outdoor equipment like tents and other camping paraphernalia, fishing gear, archery stuff and guns. Air guns, calm down.

Apparently, anyone can walk in and buy an air gun these days. What's the country coming to? But thankfully going by the prices here, not many can afford one (hooray for income inequality!). Nimrods will even service you with a gazette (effectively a license) to use it. Most people buy them for shooting at a range. So don't pull it out when your drunk neighbor starts up a kachal please, just use a broomstick for that like everyone else. 

The Place 

The shop is located on the 3rd floor of Majestic City. Turn left after you come up in the escalator and you should find it.

The Goods

The price of air rifles range from Rs. 37,000 to Rs. 150,000 plus. The most popular one is the Black Shadow (Rs. 53,000) which looks like a shotgun. Archery equipment can be purchased from Rs. 16,750, for a junior bow, to Rs. 68,750 for the best they have on sale at the moment.

The store also sells a range of hunting knives for when you need to skin some game in a hurry, or when you need to look tough while hiking through Horton Plains. They start at Rs. 1,800 for a tiny Bear Grylls pocket folding knife that would be hard pressed to cut your kade paan, to intimidating blades at least a foot or two long for those times when you need to do some hardcore bushwhacking, or overcompensating in a tight spot.

If you like fishing, they also sell a small range of rods (from Rs. 3,750 and going upto Rs. 4,750), reels, baits, hooks, string and those little bobbly things that float on top of the water.

While they've got camping equipment, there isn't a massive range. Tents start at Rs. 12,500 upto Rs. 40,750 (for 4-8 people). They've got camping chairs for when you're outdoors but still want to limit your contact with nature, camping showers for you prudes who still think of superficial things like bathing when you're supposed to be living wild, and folding beds if you want to eschew the thrills of sleeping on rocks.

Oh and before I forget, they have pepper spray which starts at Rs. 7,500, for a small can that fits in your palm, to Rs. 25,000 for one the size of a water bottle. Perhaps an investment for harassment free bus rides? But a word of caution about spraying it on innocent bystanders; pepper spray usually functions as a deterrent but I'm not sure perps out there know what it is yet. Maybe if it came in the shape of a gun instead... 

The Ambiance

Right now it's a mix of garish military chic and cheery Christmas decor. Yellow lights attack your eyes as you walk in and you wonder if you've just arrived at a set for a futuristic, dystopic, cyberpunk B movie. Nah I'm joking, it isn't that cool. 

The Service

Quick, friendly. But staff isn't well informed about the goods for sale.


The place to go to if you've got high disposable income and masculine fantasies of primal living acquired through spending too much time squeezed into a cubicle. Or if you need pepper spray to drive away masculine maniacs who won't leave you alone in buses or in the streets. 


3-38, Majestic City, Colombo 04


On the 3rd floor of Majestic City. Turn left after you come up in the escalator.



Open until 05:00 PM

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