No-42/3, Dr. Lester James Pieris Rd, 5 Dickmans Rd, Colombo 05

Nivasa boutique hotel's very own restaurant.

Nestled on the courtyard of Nivasa Boutique Hotel, Nivasa Restaurant is an escape from the stifling urbanity, paired with some absolutely amazing food and drinks. 


We found ourselves here on a Friday morning and thus decided to try a couple of options off their breakfast menu. 

The Shakshuka (Rs. 850) arrived with a side of flatbread. From what we gathered, this used to be called Hoppershuka, a merge between hoppers and shakshuka, but now they're sticking with the original recipe. It was a brilliant symphony of flavours. Hearty, oniony, garlicky and oozing out with lots of tangy notes contributed by tomato, its flavours were on point. The egg was wiggly as it should be, while the overall texture was absolutely creamy and thick. With a little bit of herbs and spices to boot, this one is a treat for the eyes and taste buds. 

While we do wish that they could throw in a couple more slices of flatbread in the serving, this portion size of the shakshuka is easily enough for two.

Assorting some of the breakfast favourites and presenting it in a form of a burger is essentially the theory behind this Burgers for Brekkie (Rs. 800). And it is a success, which we don't mind having at any time of the day.

Often we find incredible burgers but often they let us down by not having the right bun, which was not the case in Nivasa. Wonderfully soft, moist and airy, it was simply excellent. 

Beautifully stacked with chunky hashbrowns, crispy bacon and a gooey fried egg, it was a juicy, filling burger. The flavours were further enhanced by the addition of chimichurri. 


To quench your thirst, Nivasa serves up coffee (hot and cold) and a range of interesting smoothies. 

A downright tropical blend of coconut milk, buffalo curd and pineapple could be experienced through this Pineapple Juju (Rs. 350). Sweet, sour and with a subtle acidic kick swirling around, it was refreshing and delicious. Make sure you stir it well as you drink, so the chunks of pineapple can complement the flavour. 

My friend tried the Kopi Cooler (Rs. 450); a concoction of espresso, fresh milk and vanilla ice cream. According to what we found on their menu, they use a blend called Borbone in their coffee-based drinks. The milk was beautifully sweetened up as the ice vanilla ice cream melted down, and the bold notes of espresso stood out so effortlessly. 

Ambience & Service

Shrouded with trees, potted plants and nature-inspired elements, the ambience at Nivasa would give you peace of mind. Living in a city can wear you down, but this space is like a breather which would make you forget that you’re in the heart of a city full of hustle and bustle. 

The food took around 20 minutes to arrive, and the hostesses were friendly and welcoming as well. 


Our total bill here was only Rs. 2450, which makes it one of the most affordable spots in the city for a brunch/lunch date with the most soothing ambience. They've managed to keep everything eco-friendly as well, which is another plus point. We highly recommend. 


No-42/3, Dr. Lester James Pieris Rd, 5 Dickmans Rd, Colombo 05


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